Is there a guarantee that 100% of the Dottie pet will be given to charity?

That’s not why we’re not donating here. Blizzard is making the donation with the money they make from the sales of these pets. We’re not donating anything, we’re just buying pets to fund Blizzard’s donation.

Just because you receive something for your donation doesn’t mean it isn’t a donation. Quite a lot of charities offer small token gifts in exchange for donations. It makes sense to offer these inexpensive gifts to entice more donations.

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The number of tinfoil hats on display surrounding this whole charity event is frankly alarming.


They placed a cap on how much that will go to the charities, read the fine print.

Read it here folks! The latest OOTW!! (Outrage of the week)

It does not imply there will be a second 3 million it implies that there may be more than 3 mil, they dont have to tell you what they do with that just that the first 3 mil will go to charity

Isn’t that exactly what it says before your arbitrary rephrasing?

Through Dec 31, 2019, Blizzard® Entertainment will donate 100% of the purchase price to be shared equally with Make-A-Wish and, less any chargebacks, refunds and Value Added Taxes (VAT) or other similar taxes paid with a maximum donation amount of USD $3 million from all sales of the Dottie in-game pet and plushie for charity.

It is, but this way the cap is sooner either way is perfectly fine and will get the same amount of outrage

actually for it to count as a charitable tax deduction you cant receive anything in consideration for your donation

Yes, and that cap is $500,000 more than any charity pet they’ve ever sold. This is a non-issue being blown entirely out of proportion.


I don’t understand all this outrage. Is it considered edgy and woke to feel outraged over a company donating $3 FREAKING MILLION TO CHARITY??? If you want to be angry, there are millions of other things to cry about.

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All blizzard had to say was “all the money raised will go to Charity!” No cap, no qualifications, no legalize, just donate.

And again Blizzard is not donating any of their money to charity here, we are. They just funnel it.

It is an accounting entry for them, not money from their budget. Blizzard is NOT donating money.

Blizzard would be in very deep trouble with Uncle Sam if they were caught lying about donating to charity. Not to mention the charities in question wouldn’t be advertising the pet on their own website if they weren’t going to get any money out of it.

Seriously, with all the real problems with Blizzard, people don’t need to go turning molehills into mountains. All you’re doing is damaging what little communication we do have with Blizzard.

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The cap is something they’ve never even hit anyways so you’re whining about an event that won’t happen. If you people keep screaming WOLF at everything Blizzard does, then they’re not going to take us as seriously when there are actual problems with the game.

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And that was from a charity right after Legion launched. More people were playing and it still didn’t reach $3 million. Here we are over a year after BfA, which isn’t nearly as popular as Legion, and people are somehow expecting the charity pet to even get past $2 million, let alone higher than any other charity pet ever before.

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I agree with this, but since they haven’t gotten past $2 million in the past, why put a cap on now.

I think the cap was clearly stated and not deceitful at all, but the cap is unnecessary.

No idea, maybe the tax law changed and they had to put in some wording about a cap.

  1. They’ve never made more than 3 million dollars on a pet, so based on past history… that’s effectively what they already said.
  2. Ya… they are still donating to charity whether you like it or not… If you’re this bent out of shape over it, then stop buying a product from blizzard to “donate” to charity and just donate yourself to charity. Let me know how close you personally get to $3 million dollars. Them “funneling” it would be more akin to them setting up a collections tin and then sending the money they collect to the charity… They’re aren’t… They’re providing you with a product, which you are purchasing for your own gain. The fact that the proceeds are going to a charity is irrelevant when viewed from the deal between yourself and blizzard… You are not just handing over your money for them to donate… you are purchasing something.

I’ve never seen so many people get so worked up over a company stating they’re about to donate multiple millions of dollars of money to charity. The mental gymnastics some of you are going through is reaching all 10’s levels…


I’m assuming that you don’t know that once the donation period is over, the pet will still be for sale, correct? It’s not just a short term pet, just the first month proceeds go to the charities UP TO $3million.

The pet belongs to Blizzard, not the charities. Blizzard is just giving the first (up to) $3million that they could have just kept for themselves and not even offered as a charitable donation. If any company is handling the sales of an item that belonged to a charity, then that company would keep a small portion for themselves (as the middle-man) and give the rest to the charity.

The fact that the recipients of the donations are getting up to $3million towards their needs is awesome. And we can get a cute pet. You can choose to buy one through donations, or you can pass. But why be so nasty?


Because they see Blizzard doing anything and have to find some way to make it a problem. All they’re doing is devaluing player feedback by crying wolf every time Blizzard does anything.


Your crying about this charity donation has motivated me to purchase this pet.