Is there a coordinates addon that I can click in my chat?

Is there an addon that does this? I see people post coordinates all the time but I can’t click on them and I have to open my map and find it and by then whatever they linked is dead. so I’m wondering if that exists.

Thanks in advance.

i don’t know for sure if there is one, but i know one called TomTom let’s you type it in and you get a guiding arrow

You could just type /way XX.XX if you’re using tomtom

Not that I know of, but if you use TomTom, you can just type /way followed by the coordinates they posted and it’ll point you in the right direction.

Ok, I do have Tom tom but I was hoping for a way to click it like you can in FF14. Oh well thanks for the tips guys.

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i heard coords will be baseline in shadowlands. about time (if its true)

Get TomTom:
And then get Clickable Waypoint Links:


I use an Addon called “SimpleCoords”, just need to type the coords (x, y) and it displays a dot in the map until i reach there.

TomTom is also good but i think it pollutes the map and consumes too much memory.