Is the server dead? Or is layering to blame?

Given the overwhelming demand for Classic on launch day and the ridiculous queues on Arugal and to an extent Yojamba, I got sick of waiting and rolled here hoping many would follow suit and there would be a nice somewhat even split between the 3 pvp servers…

To my dismay, a week after launch, the server is still “Low” and world does feel less populated, to the point of footslogging across 2 zones without bumping into a single player, friendly or otherwise…

Have I made a mistake rolling here?
Will there be any effort from Blizzard to re balance the population?
Is it still too early to tell, and once layering is removed, the world would feel alive?

They’ve just announced Free Character Moves Coming Soon, so I guess there’ll be some rebalancing in the coming weeks.

I hope they’ll do merges if the reverse happens as well. Time will tell.

Low? Well maybe you login a bit earlier then I am. I see medium. But yeah layering slice our number in half, visually.
And even the NPC. Someone told me he can’t see the UC faction leaders for 3 days until i invite him to my party/layer.

A good way to get a picture of how populated the server is get an addon called something like classic census. It will spam /who on all level, record it(so number doesn’t overlap)
it will take a while but you will know how many players, race, class playing at that time.

I think when they remove layering, it will be perfect.