Is the queue moving?

My friend and I have currently been looking at the same position number for 15 min. Is it moving for anyone?

Barely, time for you two to roll elsewhere I suppose.

I jumped in queue about 30min ago. It’s moving…slowly. I’m at 13k or so

Been in queue since 11 am, so it’s been 5 hours now. Still 3600 in front of me.

It seems to move in phases. Mine will sit for a while, then all of the sudden it starts moving quickly, and then not at all. It’s like driving in the middle of rush hour on a Southern California freeway.

been in que since 4 PM and only at 584.

How are the queue times looking like today? They were 7ish hours last night, and I was shocked to see there was no queue this morning. I know its early, but was surprised how signifigantly it changed. I’m assuming its going up now? (midday)

I got in queue @ 9am PST, was at 5000. Been in queue now for about 2 hrs currently @1900 in front of me.

Sorry, there are a lot of players using jump script macroes, they should thin out as the bans come.

It’s being worked on Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – August 28

I know, but what about my trust level?

Sitting at 3900 in front of me with estimated 110 minutes to go. I expect to wait maybe 3 more hours.

There’s something seriously wrong with the queues in this game. The post above is from 43 minutes ago and they’re showing 3900 people in queue. I joined the queue 90 minutes ago and still show just over 5000 people ahead of me.