Is the new leaver system actually causing more grief?

I haven’t done any games yet but hearing reports about partial matches (when someone leaves) also handing out point losses as well as partial point rewards.

If that’s the case it seems like the leavers come out of this change ahead since the people forced to play with them the first few rounds before they leave have no chance of evening out. Seems like this would be even more punishing than 0 rating gained matches were.

Wasnt this obvious when people were crying about 0 rating change issue?

Its unreal how mathematically illiterate people can be

have yet to see a single explanation of what’d be worse than this system about cashing out all 6 rounds as losses for team leaver

The only thing that changed today was losing MMR for leaving games. Receiving credit for for the rounds done for non leavers is not a thing yet. So not sure where this is being reported, but ya it’s not a thing yet.



Idk then, because that was 100% listed under the 10.0.5 stuff lol

idk, I just wouldnt pop up into a discussion and tell everyone they’re wrong out the cut

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you may not have seen it, there were a couple threads last night discovering that it was pushed live unannounced even before today’s restart

better now compared to before.

Of course they’re also going to hand out the negative cr as well. If they didn’t it would just be injecting artificial inflation into the bracket anytime there’s a leaver.

Just fix the broken queue system and if there’s a leaver give the other players priority queue. Only works once they fix the bugged queue system though and you don’t sit 1 hour queues because your game popped and someone was in another instance.

this would have been the single most unambiguously great change they could have made even before the other fixes, but i think it’s probably more novel functionality than they’re going to develop mid-xpac ever. hope i’m wrong tho

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Ya that is 100% not suppose to be in the game yet Solo Shuffle Update - January 6

So the question then becomes what other things are live?

Consistently leaving can get you banned.

So can a lot of things that dont get you banned

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Account review is usually triggered by an automated system and can be triggered by a large amount of reports. But I have a feeling something will triggered if people are consistently leaving games. That is my guess.

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Agree. I don’t care what Blizzard says, nobody is going to actually review this stuff. It will be completely automated.

Huh they did announce it. Solo Shuffle Update - January 6 - #248 by Rai-burning-legion

Yep, I predicted this. It’s not uncommon to get the first 3 games with the same terrible guy (as a healer) who then blames you for his losses and leaves before you get your wins out of him.

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