Is the leveling experience the same for allied races?

I just unlocked the first of my allied races today and started as a fresh lvl 20. How doe this work. Had to pick one of three starting locations. I’m curious is the leveling for these characters identical to the standard races except for starting at 20. Or is it a more scripted truncated version?

I haven’t leveled up a new toon lately and the path seems a little more directed then the “send you all over creation randomly” experience I remember.

It’s exactly the same quest chains. You just skip the super-beginning zones and quests, since you start at 20, but the zone quest boards (Heroes’ Call/Warchief’s Orders) are the same and the zone quests are the same.

Given equivalent XP buffs, the leveling curves are the same too.


So basically I can level up in anyway I see fit without screwing up the armor reward. Great thanks !!!

Any which way except for actual character boosts. The only things in that category are shop boosts to 110/120 (or their equivalent that comes with buying an expansion) and the old Recruit a Friend “gifted levels”.

Even the occasional looted item that gives a small amount of immediate XP are ok.