Is the Hour of Reckoning quest/Heart of Azeroth required for leveling alts?

I can’t find any information on wowhead or other forums, other than some people saying it’s not showing up for them.

On one alt, I completely skipped this quest-line but am getting rewards of Azerite still… which makes me feel like I need to go do it. And on another 2 alts, I have both Hour of Reckoning and Tides of War were I could go straight to Boralus if I wanted.

I don’t know what this questline will affect if I skip on all my other alt for faster leveling.

You need to do them if you want to unlock BfA world quests on the character. If you just want to get them to 50 and then park them until Shadowlands, there’s not really any need to do them.

Once you’ve done it on one character, you can choose “I’ve heard this tale before” option instead of starting the Battle of Lorderon Scenario to skip through it but still get credit, so it’s not to burdensome to do on alts.


Mkay! I’ve just started back after about a 2 year break so I wasn’t sure ^^"

I think I will just do world quests on my main only and skip them on alts then. Thank you for letting me know!