Is siege one of the harder keys?

(Zérgling) #1

I have 15s and 16s, with one 17 with all dungeons. I need only one 15 for key master and been running sieges literally for 3 weeks now. Never got one time through pugging and unfortunately my guild doesn’t do keys that high.

Before you guys say anything I know this dungeon comically well. I ran 10s for weeks to get my spyglass trinket so I know this dungeon really really well

Is this one if the harder keys? I swear I had better luck with underrot and Kings Rest lol

(Bluedrop) #2

Yeah, its one of the more difficult dungeons to pug. Bliz had to nerf the difficulty and increase the timer because it was so hard, but its still a toughie for uncoordinated groups


Yes, absolutely. Siege is my favorite dungeon, so I know it well. That said, it was the last +10 I got for the achievement, and the last 15 as well. I still don’t have a timed run over the 16 I timed, which was in the same week as the 15 I finally got. Both during that easy tyrannical/raging/volcanic easy week we got awhile back.

I invited a 2400 healer to my 18 Siege key, who still didn’t have a 15 or higher timed. And we didn’t time that 18.

Siege is rough for PUGs. Siege is even rough for organized groups, as that 2400 healer can tell you.

Wait for an easy week.

(Zérgling) #4

I got like 5 15s done that same week lol last night during a 15 siege some DH charged in and we went ham AOE on these not elite mobs which killed us through bursting.

He tried blaming blade flurry which I linked the damage to show I wasn’t lol. I have a cancel blade flurry macro for weeks like this.

People don’t stick on that poison Naga mob, get blasted by those cannon dudes, get hit by charge, kill the spotters rather than utilizing them.

Our DK died twice to that nasty ability the first boss does after the chain ability ends

It’s frustrating lol


Besides the last boss on tyrannical nothing about it has ever struck me as hard. Yet somehow like you I’ve experienced a failure rate that seems rather high. It was the last 15 I got in time, took me like 2 dozen tries to get it, its still one of my lowest keys, and this week, a push week, I got a 19 siege from my chest and we had a solid group fail it.

Place is cursed or something I don’t know what it is. It’s one of my favorites, the pack size is PERFECT for fury, but I fail it like its my job.


On tyrannical the only consistent issue is having enough dps and proper dps coordination to kill demo tentacles fast on last boss while avoiding splashes and dispelling away from other players

On fortified I don’t see any consistent issues outside of explosive or bursting weeks because of the consistently large packs with non-elite enemies (that STILL trigger these effects)


Sensible use of spotters is an issue on fortified weeks that many, many, many…

… MANY pugs struggle with.


depends on the affixes

like if someone decides to parade the spotter through the instance while i’m going OOM for 5-10 minutes straight constantly trying to heal big trash pulls that would be a problem

(Katryona) #9

It’s one of the harder ones, just under KR imo.

(Zérgling) #10

A little update for everyone, I got my key stone Master last night. It was a primarily Spanish speaking group but we got to 15 of siege done :smile:

(Bluedrop) #11

Congratz! What spec was the tank btw? Just asking out of curiosity

(Zérgling) #12

Thank you! It was a Pali tank


Weren’t the timers just increased for KR and Shrine? I do not recall the timer for siege being increased. Imo its probably one of the toughest keys to time at the moment, and is borderline impossible to +2 if youre running it on a higher key.

(Zérgling) #14

Even with what I would say as good play by everyone we only got it by like 2 mins


Your average pug KR group is still incredibly easy to miss the timer with a couple of big wipes/mistakes

Freehold you can stumble through drunkingly with 20+ deaths and several big mistakes and still double chest most of the time

Isn’t the keystone system great ?