Is rolling a frequent thing?

I was just curious if RP servers like Wyrmrest Accord rely on rolling when it comes to fights and stuff. Would Emerald Dream be a better option? I heard it was kind of dead. Anywho, I like to PVP when it comes to conflicts in RP rather than allowing the chance of a roll determine the outcome or using emotes. But it seems like Wyrmrest has a bigger community so I’m conflicted.


A lot of people resolve conflicts a lot of ways. Some prefer duels, some prefer pre-determined/OOC communication, some prefer agreed RP systems, but I think least popular is the trust system. Granted I haven’t done much walk-up (where it’s most likely to occur) in a fair while so I don’t know how true the last part is.

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I tend to do as Liotuse says. Usually most people know not to be a jerk about such things, and can usually come to an agreement in whisper as to not detract from the RP.

My personal preference is partying up with someone–only them–and discussing it while we continue the roleplay. We emote at one another but roll only in party, where we see, leaving the audience guessing who will do what without spoiling the surprise.

A lot of people will also duel! I cannot remember her name, but in Orgrimmar there was this elf who dueled people for fun. That was an IC conflict people got to experience. Everyone is different, and it never hurts to ask!


I’ve always been of mind that if stuff isn’t pre-planned, I personally am always game for just ICly seeing how it plays out while OOCly respecting the idea of give-and-take (but still being mindful that if it’s some crazy person with a sharpened spoon I don’t think it’d do too much to an armoured paladin). In the past I’ve only really had trouble with that when it comes to spectators chiming in OOCly about why XYZ shouldn’t fly or when it comes to the player behind an antagonistic character not wanting to take a hit.

Not like I’m looking to have my characters ever gore someone on the spot (especially without a storyline or event or what have you) though.

I try and keep an open mind. For a character like Kai, I’m comfortable with either; however, being an altoholic – and this being the most damned RNG reliant expansion ever – settling matters via PvP isn’t always very… well… feasible. Plus /roll fighting is more interesting and accessible.

I think it depends on the people you RP with. People use a variety of methods to resolve RP fights. There’s advantages and disadvantages to both. I’ll outline them below. If anyone has anything to add, please do so! This is just what I’ve observed - my personal perspective.

Roll fighting:

As the first you’ve mentioned, I’ll do this first. Roll fighting is the procedure whereby the outcome of a fight is decided by a /roll in game, which generates a random number between 1 and 100 (unless another number is specified). Often these fights use several rounds of rolling - the most common one on one fight system I’ve encountered is one where Person A attacks, and rolls. Person B rolls defence. Then the rolls switch, Person B rolls attack, and Person A defends.


  • Fairness/balanced playing field. Nobody can godmod or RP an undefeatable character. In one way or another, each participant has the potential to lose. In a sense it ensures that everyone has a fair chance of winning.
  • Alt-friendly. You can win a roll duel even if your character is lower level, or undergeared. This is good for people who like RPing their alts!


  • Lengthy. Roll duels can go on forever sometimes. A PvP resolution is much quicker that’s for sure.
  • TOO balanced. Sometimes it can feel unsatisfying if the highly experienced warrior character loses to Jimmy the stable boy who only knows how to wield a shovel! The rolls even the playing field, but sometimes this might not align with what makes sense ICly. (That said I’d say even the most powerful characters might occasionally lose, even through sheer dumb luck!)

PvP duels:

Self explanatory really. This method of fighting is a simple use of the gameplay. PvP combat!


  • Looks good. PvP duels look GREAT! Nothing quite matches the visual of an actual PvP duel, as opposed to just standing still with weapons drawn. From a visual standpoint, PvP duels look the coolest.
  • Speedy. PvP duels are fast-paced. The fight is done in less than a minute, usually, freeing up RP time!


  • VERY Unbalanced. PvP dueling on your main is a lot of fun… but it sucks to be on an alt or low level toon. If Jimmy the Stable Boy is level 120 and Algazor, Arch-Warlock of Argus is level 110, well… Jimmy’s going to win every time. Too bad so sad. Additionally gear is very important. Hardcore PvPers are going to have a huge advantage over even more casual players, level 120 or not. In that sense it can be a tad unfair on your RP character and their perceived power-level.

Pure Emote Fighting

Pure emote fighting is basically just typing the actions of your RP into chat. No PvP, no Rolls, no mechanics of any kind. One simply emotes and responds to emotes, much like they would in a casual chat RP.


  • Complete creative freedom. You know your character best; their strengths, their weaknesses… You have complete creative freedom, irrespective of OOC gear/level/etc. With pure emote fighting the world is your oyster, and your imagination can run wild!


  • Potential for godmodding. The whole reason roll fights exist, in my opinion, is to prevent this. Godmodding is an issue where someone sees their character as unstoppable in every way. In RP fights such as these, they’ll dodge every bullet, stop the enemy’s blade with only their left pinky, and eat enemy spells only to shoot them right out their backside and blow their opponent into tiny pieces! The godmodder is invicincible! Unfortunately this can be unsatisfying for RPers, as they are subject to someone who is impossible to defeat, meaning either THEY need to concede defeat to the godmodder every time (thus inflating the godmodder’s ego further) OR they need to leave the RP fight entirely, because it’s not fair. Neither option is particularly fun. With that in mind… you need to know who to trust in order to use this style.

Me? I’ve used all 3 over the course of my RP. With close trusted friends? I tend to lean towards emote fighting. With randos or acquaintences? I prefer roll fights. Personally I avoid PvP fights because I like RPing alts and frankly I’m a casual player with sub optimal gear. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ve done them here and there, and so long as you’re RELATIVELY evenly matched, it’s a lot of fun. Pretty sucky if you’re on an alt though.

I guess the point of this, Korvolas? You’ll find people on the server who use all 3 fight methods. You’ll find people who only do PvP duels, or only do roll fights and so on. Ask around. Look for guilds with an RP-PvP focus. The link below will lead you to the Guild directory - have a look around for guilds that fit what you’d like :smiley: WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events)

It’s a big server, Korvolas. And a good one at that! You’ll find people who want to RP the same way as you for sure.


even the majority of emerald dream’s rp community preferred rolling or free emoting over dueling. sorry bud

I like rolls, because I get a kick out of the opportunity for my characters to fall flat on their faces. I always laugh if the roll is something small like a 1 or a 3. Makes it more entertaining, for me.

I DO know of one person who wanted to use duels as a way to resolve conflict, but I haven’t ever done that myself. Personally, I like writing up emotes and doing rolls with them, and I do my best to make things as fair as possible (or maybe even slightly leaning towards the other person winning).

Even with my gear being as crap as it is now from taking a whole patch and a half off from the game, I still prefer to duel over rolls when given the chance. But honestly from my more recent experiences on WrA, most people are pretty flexible. And even if you can’t come to an agreement with how to settle the fight, most people are creative on figuring a way to defuse the situation where both or more players can walk away graciously.

Not really.

For guild events and such I use a modified /roll 20 system and raid markers to show the location of the bad guys and then emote the action based on success or failure. When it comes to player vs player stuff I prefer dueling or roll duels. Emote combat is for godmodders who want to bury you in purple prose or anime actions.

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… go on

I do kinda wish there was some kind of community for folks that prefer duels. While I don’t begrudge people who prefer /roll systems or whatever, the way I see it is that of I wanted to do that I could do it for free in a chatroom somewhere (or in real life at a tabletop) instead of paying $15 a month for a game. I’m not even the best pvper and I don’t have the fanciest gear on my characters, so I’m actually a terrible dueler, but that’s still my preference.

In TRP at least you can set your preferred method of conflict resolution, though I can’t think of the last time I saw anyone else with it set to “World of Warcraft PvP”.

I dodge the attack.

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It very much depends on the individual you’re RPing with.

I used to be a roll heavy person, but since I’ve started doing content and gearing, I’ve become more accepting of resolving things via PvP duel.

That said, I don’t make an illusion that just because -I- am ok with it that it’s universal. I just simply engage in both now, as well as the occasional rule of cool type fight that is neither and is just RP.

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I’m the worst Rogue on the server which is kinda awkward cause Myst is the best Rogue IC who was the one to finally beat the master assassin Shadow Father, Zae Warren in her personal storyline. So I don’t really PvP RP or roll RP that much against players.

I prefer to invent my own NPC’s and write up how Myst literally just sliced into them with ease so she gets to be really tough and not step on anyone else’s power fantasies.

That being said, I also stopped liking rolling in favor of Chi torpedo going a lot farther and making me more mobile.