Is ret good in arena?

Leveled a paladin on bfa the past couple weeks and got him to 433 ilvl. What comps should I look for, should I do 2s or 3s? is my retail pally.



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I mean Ret isn’t that good. More viable in 2’s than 3’s. In 3’s it’s just a little better than Enhance imo, but some good Rets say it’s just as bad (Vanguards for example says this a lot). If you’re item level 433 it probably doesn’t matter much and you are just playing low cr games to cap. in 2’s play with a Disc. in 3’s try Ret/Arms/Rsham.

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ret is absolutely awful in 3s, and its “viable” in 2s - take that as you will.

Thank you.

  1. Get gear
  2. Ret sucks , prot is unironically better in 3s but prot pallas belong in camps so take it as you will
  3. As exalter said, can also play with rsham in 2s or ret/destro/hpalla or ret/spriest/rsham

What camps we talking here bud… Fat camps for sure right?


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No, ret isn’t good. Even in 2s, don’t expect ppl will pick you instead of a warrior, dk, rogue, etc.

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rets burst is some of the best burst in the game if not the best. the problem is their damage outside of cooldowns is zero. and they get kited endlessly

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yeah ret is decent



its very gear reliant like all things and assa/dh/arms/ww/dk are all better but you can get rating as ret for sure

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Ret war is their only good comp I hear. That’s what vanguards plays. I’m sure you could make Cupid work to an extent as well (ret hunter disc) but ret does indeed struggle atm.