Is Ret easy to play?

No disrespect, just looking for a good class that isn’t to hard to play. Every resource says BM Hunter and that isn’t my flavor.

I play with a little delay at 180ms if that makes a difference?

I wouldn’t really recommend any melee at high MS, to be honest.

ret or warrior are the easiest classes

180ms isn’t really a huge penalty in a game like WoW.

Ret is pretty easy, feels extremely fluid. Leveling/gearing is simple just try things out til something feels fun to you.

Ret isn’t melee though, so he should be fine.

That being said, pet classes are going to be the best bet with high latency. Having an AI carry game for you is a W.

BM Hunter, Demo Lock, or resto druid all do most of what they do with AI these days. High recommend.

Ret at a basic floor level is one of the easiest classes to play, achieving high mmr with it in a shuffle context (which I assume you’re doing cause cursing q’d up teammates with 180 ping is rude.) is a little more difficult because of the amount of defensive play considerations you’ll need to make for people but other than if you have more casual goals its a pretty good spec.

Though as others have said, with your ping just go BM or Demo or something and AFK.

Short answer… yes
Long answer… yess


it’s boring. i made a ret in shadowlands and gave it a bunch of conquest boxes and never played it lol.

The ping and delay doesn’t feel that bad. I tried out fire mage and ele shaman- and it felt a bit slow. I missed some procs and had some very minor delay in casting successive casts.

It seems that a slower GCD class would work before for me - which is why I am considering Ret.

def play ret

it’s one of the easiest specs in the game mechanically and it has a ton of utility you don’t even really need to utilize to do more than well enough

i see rets at 2600 mmr that legit don’t sac their partners or play sanc 6/6 rounds


Rets like that are why I avoid retwar like the plague, even when retwar is extremely good.

My favorites are the ones who never double freedom.

I really do hate how specs like ret, bm, dh allow players to play at higher ratings without understanding basic fundamentals. As an enh you have to kite while your healer is cced. There’s simply no option to make misplays without being punished heavily.

Like you have to tremor your healer, you have to ground traps, you have to kick, you have to purge. These are things that 99% of ret players have no concept of. Or dh players or bm hunters or any other spec that isn’t easily punished when they make mistakes. Like hunters don’t even have to trap anymore to win lol.

I don’t know how easy it is from a PVP standpoint, but I randomly specced my Holy Paladin to Ret a couple months ago and was consistently doing 70-100k overall DPS in keys in like… starter gear. lol

So I imagine if you apply the logic that it does a truckload of damage with very little personal knowledge of the class, and learn to use your defensives, that it would be a relatively forgiving class/spec to learn.

Good thing ret is a ranged spec now! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Welcome to the caster club!!!


True. Caster meta worst meta imaginable for the game. And this is coming from a caster.

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God that triggers me. I sat a SS in root spams with an H pal and Ret on my team.

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my rage knows no bounds

wrong thread maybe?

fr its spriest

Ret is pretty easy.

I wouldn’t recommend playing Ret. It’s a thinking man’s spec. If you have a PhD in mathematics it might be worth a shot.