<Is Probably Stoned> [H][PVE] Tue/Thur/Fri 6-9 pm PST **edited for raid core needs**

(Igotsoul) #127

I live in Michigan where legalization just passed. No weed stores open yet though =’(

I miss living in CO! It was a good couple years where I could just ride down to the weed store.


86 days until classic!!

still need a couple resto druids and a couple resto shamans and a warlock for our raid core.

also casual players of all kinds are welcome!


UP I say!


full on raiding warlocks now.

just need 2 resto druids, 2 resto shaman, and more casual players to add to the army!

(Oóba) #131

Bumping this to save for the future. Friend and myself plan on playing casually. Sound like a good group of people.


you and your friend would be more than welcome with us!

feel free to add Fearitself#11251 on Battlenet or illt#3854 on Discord and I will give you a link to join our Discord

you can hang out and wait for classic with us :grinning:


85 days!! WTB a time machine!


back up to the top!


druids and shaman… where you at!!!


today you shall remain bumped!!!

and here is one more vid I stumbled across from our old days… was supposed to be a “practice pull” to get tank positioning right and figure out the range of the boss abilities and it ended up being a one shot.


morning bump :grinning:



I’m interested. Not totally sure what I’m playing yet but Druid and shaman are both options. Never played vanilla, Maine’s shaman since cats, currently leveling Druid while waiting for classic.


just sent you a friends request from Fearitself#11251


we are getting bigger, and Bigger and BIGGER! :wink:


rise ye back up!


what he said!


73 days left!

we are up to 130+ members :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

come join the army!!


72 days left!


the raid core just filled on Druids. now all we need is a raiding resto shammie, and more casual players to add to our growing army!


bumping for more casual players…

the more the merrier!