Is pay to win really working?

(Drezwazluz) #23

It would be, with the 30k value, around 600k damage, ignoring crits.

(Fookí) #24

i guess the point you’re trying to make is the exaggerated “1 million damage”? yeah well if they’re sitting at 25% crit and not factoring RNG for more than that- you’re looking at approx. 9 of those mobs critting for about 270k… making the total come out to 870k.

ohmergawd, this isn’t almost one million!!

(Drezwazluz) #25

Not just that. He’s also operating under the assumption that all 30 mobs would take full damage.

Damage splits after 20 targets. So, it’s only 30k times 20. He was working under the assumption, 30k times 30, which is 900k.

That or he does know, and you’re correct. Either way, I laughed.

(Phatymcdaddy) #26

Hey guys, its pointless. If you havent done a middle range key and parsed higher than 90% he wont listen to you because you are a pleb and dont know anything (funny cuz he doesnt understand how m+ parses work), even though all the data is public info for everyone to see that pay to win isnt a thing.

(Fookí) #27

my job here is done.