Is pay to win really working?

(Kazäm) #1

Its clear to me blizz has adopted the system all phone games use… thats right pay to win. I switched my main to lightforged dps went up 4 k in dungons with 1 switch… Its funny that this race opened up for this teir of M+ and is overpowered because of the affix.

Also im convinced the same system is in place for spec balanace … there has to be something overpowered like a outlaw rogue so fotm people can buy a boost.

But if your loseing subs because of this gross balance job and people are sick of paying for a fotm race change to be relivent for the current teir does it actully balance out?

I can say 1 thing quality of this game is going downhill … have some respect for the people who made u billions ( ions) over the years and focus on quality and balance Get the subs back up. This pay to win BS has to stop

(Rockford) #2

There are issues…
Pay to win isn’t one of them :roll_eyes:

(Kabbie) #3

Honestly, if you wanted to get an extra 4K DPS, just swap from a mage to a rogue.



This guy got called stupid and boo’d out of the mage forums, so he copy pasted here. Move along, this thread is a big nothing.

(Phatymcdaddy) #5

I hoghly doubt that a 2.5 min cd boosted your dps by 4k…

(Drezwazluz) #6

Talks about paying to win with an alliance race change, but didn’t go NE, yikes

(Elehehe) #7

Well technically WoW is ptw since you have to pay for the game and the sub to win anything in-game… >.>

I’ll see myself out… u_u’


Kabbie… i already addressed this issue in my org post. the whole point a class is so seriously overpowered like outlaw rogues is to promote people buying char boosts… so this comment honestly supports my statement.

Phatymcdaddy… the reason this racial is so strong for dps classes is reaping not hard to figure out… take a 30 pack of reaping stacked with a pull of 5-6 mobs and hit a single global cooldown that hits all of them for 30k each. its like 1 million damage from pressing a single button… Also works well with any big pulls such as KR when u pull all the green blobs with this ability and LB alone u can skip to 200k dps

Drezazluz - the strength of NE comes from there ability to meld rez meld drink… or use it for death skips. clearly u have no idea about mages at all if u think this race would be good for us as the utility it brings is already build into the mage class… 500 IQ bud

(Drezwazluz) #9

The strength of Night Elf in the current meta has nothing to do with death skips, or drinking/rezzing. You’re vastly out of the loop.

And the racial will still not boost your overall dps by 4k. That’s not a racial thing. That’s a you thing.

So the fact that some specs will always be better than others is pay to win? Sure. You do at best mid level content, certainly nothing to write home about, but you won mate. Race changing helped you win…absolutely nothing.

(Kazäm) #10

Feel free to post on your main … your just another fourm coward.

NE being the current meta for a team pushing +25 keys does not matter for your average pug because your not going to be skiping reaping packs unless u have 5 NE’S in the group this information is relivent to less then 1 percent of the of the player base.

Its also not the fact some specs are better… its the fact that the balance job is almost worst then it was in classic wow… Look at the logs from S1 u see how many warrior tanks there are… Now look at S2… numbers is up like 10 times and a lot of these players are boosts if thats not pay to win i dont know what is

(Drezwazluz) #11

Pretty sure the MDI is just standard mid level 18-19 keys

The only time balancing has been better, comparing best to worst specs, was SoO, and Nighthold-Antorus. No time before or since.

Doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to be desired. But Classic was objectively far, far worse.

You know that, numerically, warrior tanks aren’t that much better from 8.0? They simply play a lot, lot better. As far as damage output and mitigation, they’re not actually leaps and bounds better.

But you don’t know that, you look at the r io leaderboard and do a backflip in the tin foil rage.

(Kazäm) #12

Pretty sure i timed 18 keys last week … so your saying thats MDI level yet im just low teir player?

the simple fact u think this games balance has never been better also that warrior tanks are not that far ahead atm just proves u honestly know nothen.

Post on main lets see the level on content your running bud because its clear your the one whos out of the loop…

Numerically warrior tanks arent that much better from 8.0 … this comment alone must have u dumping buckets of drool out your door … its a flood over there, Watch out for all that drool!

(Drezwazluz) #13

Compared to how they were in 8.0, in terms of damage output and mitigation? They’re not.

Can you provide evidence to the otherwise? Because I can.

If 25 is the top 1%, then 18 is mid level, yes.

Provide evidence to the otherwise.

(Kabbie) #14

No, that’s a false argument. While it may be an incentive for buying a character boost, it certainly isn’t required because you can level a rogue to 120 all on your own. The point of P2W is you buy a power-up that is either incredibly tedious or impossible to obtain through other means, and while the leveling process is certainly tedious, just about everyone can do it, and even then, getting to 120 does not mean you win, it merely means you get to 120.

In addition, just as there as many incentives to purchase a character boost, there are incentives to not use one: allied races and $60.

(Phatymcdaddy) #15

Then i guess the answer is no, pay to win isnt working considering that top key level ran has been by horde races, a majority of all the 20+ keys are horde and the MDI winners roll mostly Nelfs. So, apperantly the LF dranei racial isnt that impacful. Also, it does 30k to everything, on a 2.5 min cd? Why not stack enhancement shamans? sundering does more than that and its a 45 sec cd?

(Kazäm) #16

Phatymcdaddy why does someone as yourself try and act so smart then post complete and utter garbage. Iv already said that having a full group of Nightelfs is not even pratical for a pug group … your not gonna have 5 people race change to pug a key… 17 freehold 32k dps overall today … and the racial was 7.7 percent of my damage u do the math… thats on 44 million overall damage

Your highest key is a 10 and your parses are complete garbage yet your on the forums talking like u actully know anything about the current state of the game thats rich!

Go on and watch your MDI youtube videos and think u know anything about the current state of the game for us actully playing it

(Kabbie) #19

Your arguments are absolutely horrible, dude, because you resort to ad hominem attacks and keep moving the goal posts. Keeping that in mind, we’re gonna stick with the original position: pay to win. Guess what, it doesn’t exist in the game: everything attainable in the game is up to a grind or RNG. You cannot buy experience and skill: the entire point of the game is developing the skills necessary to beating current content, and the game is doing a fairly decent job of ensuring that different levels and specific demands are being met.

Yes, class balance is completely out of whack when it comes to certain tasks, but everyone still needs to level to 120; even if someone buys a level boost to 110, they still need to put in the hours to learn how to play their class. Racial balance? Not that bad. Sure, races like NE have an unfair advantage in dungeons, but raids are a whole different matter, PVP more so.

Yes, it’s possible to buy a Mythic raid kill or a Mythic dungeon clear, but that doesn’t mean anything because you don’t have the skills to stay there or get further. You didn’t buy anything but an achievement.

I’ll admit I don’t care much for pushing keys because the rewards, both in terms of items and mastering a spec I’m not altogether enthusiastic about, simply don’t appeal to me. This expansion simply isn’t my cup of tea. However, I do watch those MDI videos and Mythic raid streams, just like you suggested, and guess what?

Not a single player on those videos paid money to win. They did it the old-fashioned way: did the math to figure out the best advantages, practice til they got better than yesterday, then relentlessly beat their heads on the content until they made it look easy.

So don’t go insulting players who are better than you are by insinuating that they bought their edge. We’re talking about players who swapped nearly their entire raid to trolls just to take advantage of a one-second slow reduction. They’re better players than you are because they applied math to find the best class and race combos, then put in the time to exploit the crap out of every single advantage they could possibly squeeze out of them.

You want to get better, make a list of your shortcomings and weaknesses, then practice like hell to get over them no matter how bad it makes you look, it’s really that easy. There’s no “buying” your way out of this game.


This would make sense except that rogues have been seriously overpowered since Vanilla, long before paid character boosts existed.

(Kabbie) #21

And only in single-target, which is where they mostly specialize. I remember during MOP when rogues were desired for raids but were absolute pariahs in CM dungeons because their AOE wasn’t all that great. (Oh, how the tables have turned…)

(Fookí) #22

eyebeam much?