Is Nathanos betraying Sylvanas

(Solythn) #13

In 8.3 we’re going to kill Sylvanas while working undercover for Sylvanas. This will never be addressed.

(Finalchaotic) #14

From my understanding, Jaina went there to save Baine but also Saurfang and Thrall. Meaning, the Horde PC and Alliance PC- run into each other unknowingly. And only THEN decide to help get each get out with Baine.

Not sure how that’s “forcing the Alliance’s help”, in the context you are using it. We both mutually care about Baine’s well being.

Forcing Alliance help, would be us spending the entire expansion doing NOTHING about our evil warchief and then Alliance poofing in and saying “Here. Let us help you. Since you don’t seem to have any spine”.

(Zabriel) #15

Can we just please make official the “Play along” meme already?

(Arlifrex) #16

Blizzard has made several decisions that seems counterproductive to making money.

(Moonweaver) #17

It would be fairly easy to make one, just make the loyalist players assist the sunreavers.

(Spuddyc) #18

yeah exactly like i said there was never meant to be a choice they added it cause tears flooded into the forums over it. im cracking up that they’re just pranking the loyalist side the rest of the way basically. “uhh play along” lmao. dont worry im convinced they’ll give loyalists like a toy or something at the end of it to make it worth it. and probably some custom text dialogue. but yeah people are crazy for thinking they’re gonna flat out rewrite the story. i mean how would that even work? like afrasiabi said he flirted with deleting player characters at the end based on who they picked, because i mean one side has to lose right?? but of course they can’t do that and no player would want that. sooooo like what else do people want

this would mean losing though. the story is linear they can’t make multiple outcomes for the larger narrative.

(Moonweaver) #19

You could still lose to Jaina, Thrall and Saurfang and escape I don’t see the issue here.

(Spuddyc) #20

So you side with the sun reavers, they all die anyways and your player character is knocked out cold by thrall and saurfang and jaina?

(Moonweaver) #21

A sunreaver could sacrifice himself to port you out ?

I am a nelf fan so I really don’t care about helping Sylvanas but Blizzard should have either let no choice to the loyalist or a decent one.
Now they are in a in between state that is just nonsensical.

(Solythn) #22

It’s painfully easy.

Jaina has a bunch of Kirin’tor mages with her. When you meet the Sunreavers, Jaina says “We don’t have time for this!” and instructs her mages to fight the Sunreavers while she and the Horde characters press on ahead. You stay behind to help clean up.

If you’re on the Loyalist path, you help Rowa kill the mages and let her go, then catch up with the rest of the party. Jaina is upset that you “lost” and suspicious of you, but the mission continues.

If you’re on the renegade path, you help the mages kill the Elves and catch up with the rest of the party. Jaina is happy with you.

This isn’t difficult, people. You just have to give a damn.

(Spuddyc) #23

that would put rowa in a schrodingers box lore wise though of being perpetually both dead and saved

(Solythn) #24

Again, this is easy, you’re just pretending it’s hard to be difficult for no reason.

Either have her survive in both cases or die in both cases. Either works.

(Carmageddon) #25

The Alliance and Papa Thrall.

We’re like children. You can’t leave us alone for a minute.


if it makes you feel any better the Alliance player is working with Saurfang who organized Teldrassil attack and Thrall who ignored Jaina’s distress calls and even when he thought her dead he still did not want to help.

Screw Thrall. He is a douche.

(Draegar) #27

Wait, what? What is this in reference to? Theramore/Garrosh?


Before Garrosh attacked.

And afterwards when Theramore blew up and STILL Thrall refused to do anything about it.

(Draegar) #29

I mean, okay - I have only read a summary of Tides of War, not the whole book, but Thrall is part of the Siege of Orgrimmar, so I’m not sure how he ‘refuses’ to do anything about Garrosh after Theramore, other than stopping Jaina from wiping out Orgrimmar.


He only shows up when Jaina was going to summon a tsunami and kill everyone in Orgrimmar.
Thats when he decides to join the siege of orgrimmar and pretend like he is relevant.

(Draegar) #31

Eh, I feel like this is a difference in interpretation at this point. I disagree that he ‘refused to do anything about Garrosh’, although I will say on the broader level that the way the writers handled both Garrosh’s increasing tyranny and Thrall’s overall meh reaction to it was a massive disservice to both characters that will always burn my butt.


He literally says if Jaina’s ghost shows up and demands he avenge her and her city he would not do it.