Is mistweaver a bad BG healer?

I jsut have been getting totally stomped on today.

Sounds like Operator Error.

I do very well in BGs with a TFT-focused build, although I saw another MW use a SooM/Unison build that also did well and I had questions.

Mistweavers have always been decent bg healers

I focused BGs exclusively this past weekend to gear up. While it was rough at the start with no gear on Friday, by Sunday I was heal tanking and kiting multiple enemies while healing flaggers, etc

And to Maxi’s point, I was dabbling with Soom/Unison builds. Worked quite well.

I’m more confused how a SooM/Unison build works. In the case I mentioned, Unison did more healing than SooM itself (might be a smart healing not leading to overhealing thing).

Does using it with Clouded Focus and spamming cleave Vivifies work for the group healing?

I wish I could help you out with that, but I can’t. All the talents that modify or interact with SooM need better wording. It appears like its all working together at a glance, but I can’t really confirm one way or the other.

I’d also like confirmation if Gusts mastery works with free proccing RM or EM happening from various talents. Seems like only from casted versions by the player, but would be nice to have all the ambiguous wording worked out.

Maybe Unison procs Gusts? Not sure.

I meant that if group healing without being able to spread more ReMs and just spamming discounted Vivifies works well enough to keep the team alive since you are focusing on only one person.

Unison does work with JSS (and that has a separate line item in Details so its healing does not count for Unison’s overall healing)

Tear of Morning should work with Peaceful Mending since the Enveloping Mist healing via Tear of Morning does not get its own line item, so that will be interesting tomorrow when Peaceful Mending gets buffed.

Gusts of Mists is a separate spell ID in Details so likely not, and wouldn’t make sense given how Gusts is only on direct targets.

I might test around a SooM/Unison build.

Then yes, that has been my experience with the build.

Unison for double Soom, with RM spawning extra RM on full hp players, add the talent that spawn EVM from RM or the one that boosts healing while channeling Soom. Your Vivifies go a long way and your overall healing spreads nicely as you focus a FC or damage dealer with healing. You still put a target on your back with the soom beam though. But during moments you have free casting time or your kite game is on point, the healing doesn’t get any better.

I’ve also dabbled with Mending Proliferation in BGs and it adds a nice quality of life maintenance for your team fights too

Link your build?
At present, MW is probably #2 in BGs behind Prevoker. Decent mobility, survivability, throughput feels good. We just oom, unlike Prevokers

Alright, did the PvP testing…and I’m not 100% sure if it’s better because I now have the full PvP set so it’s hard to compare to the previous builds lol.

However I’m still the top healer even with similar ilvl healers in the party so I’ll take it. And indeed aggressive SooM does seem to handle enemy focus fire a bit better.

However, Unison is still kinda weak. Here’s the Details log of an Ashran match (where I was 33% ahead of the 2nd place healer in Total Healing)

Definitely not the distribution I expected (I guess the build does indeed spread lots of ReM!), but even there Unison is pretty low, and can confirm it has higher healing values than regular SooM because less overheal.

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So there’s a 100% unintended thing you can do with Overflowing Mists: it still works on NPCs, which means it does work on the allied Boss NPCs in Ashran who have inflated health pools.

I did an Ashran and tied a lower-geared MW who had 50% of their total healing from Overflowing Mists on the tree.

This is interesting, I leveled my monk third and was trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. Maybe I’ll get an honor set for casual PvP.

Holy Priests for an entire expansion could heal NPCs in Ashran with Greater Heal spam (before it was nerfed with a CD), which was also grossly overpowered when healing tanks and melee on the main road, so overflowing mists seems like the best new alternative.

Yes they are bad in dragonflight BG in general.

It’s a very heavy CC expac and you could be CC’d till death even with trinket.

you have that useless paralysis and song of chi-ji all breakable by your team mates and a 1 minute aoe stun.

thats it.

The only time a gimped class can do good in bg is … run and keep running until they stop chasing you then go back.

your defensives are only used to keep you alive while running and not to tank.

your dps can die for not peeling off of you and you should have no ragrets.

hardest healer to kill is currently droods and evokers in pvp

Nah, we’re literally A tier in BGs right now, along w/ RDruid.
The only healing spec that can dwarf MW throughput right now is Prevokers, and they’re absolutely busted atm.

We have great throughput, decent defensives between diffuse, dampen, fort brew, elixirs, eminence (EFR). ZFT is great in BGs when getting trained, as is fatty Calm-Col x 50 stack Cocoons (350K+ absorb) on a 1.3min CD (talented).

At this point, our cc is pretty “meh”. Feel that Paralysis should be 20-25 sec CD with Imp-Para. I also still want my Disable root (2nd-application) back.


Tried it in a handful of BGs so far (just doing epics since it doesn’t have a full honor set yet). Overlowing Mist is also occasionally neat to throw on AV or IOC bosses. Usually the room is full and the boss dies fast so you can’t really do that much the way you could with a holy priest spamming greater heal in SoR form in whatever xpac it was that GH was OP. I think BfA?

In a really long turtle AV though I managed to help stop their boss kill since two towers were still up and a handful of us kept running into the room and they eventually wiped. Every time you put EM up the bosses health shoots up since overflowing mists seems to have no cooldown or a tiny fraction of a second of one if any.

Also got an Ashran and did over 60M healing with next highest in 20s or 30s I think (with only 4 or 5 honor pieces so far). Most of it from healing the tree. Sometimes from near death back up to full thanks to overflowing mists. It’ll be a shame if they nerf it, holy priests got to have greater heal being grossly overpowered on epic BG NPCs for an entire expansion, but they gutted almost all other % based healing from healers, so I don’t have high hopes for it lasting as long.