Is Mikanikos Mandatory for Fury M+?

Hi, all. I’m just coming back to the game after about a year of being unsubbed, and I want to go for KSM as Fury. All the guides say Mikanikos is the go-to for M+, but Kleia’s tree is the only one that doesn’t annoy me somehow. Am I severely gimping myself if I don’t choose Mikanikos for M+?

up to 15% haste and reduced cd on spear is really good, dunno what about that is annoying

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Just…cancel him?

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Signet legendary with Hammer of Genesis with Hack and Slash (if 4 set) and Merciless Bonegrinder is the playstyle right now. The haste buff in m+ feels amazing when you’re spamming your whirlwinds spiking to 120k dps in your spear. :slight_smile:

I’ve accidentally done an M+ as kleia, and it was a decent drop. You can definitely do any content to a certain point in M+ that way if you don’t care to be optimal, and your overall mechanical play will likely dictate success or failure to say…20/21s, but if you want to push extremely hard you should play Mika.

Get addon called “Bron Cena” and all your life problems will go away :slight_smile:

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To add on to the Bron annoyance issue:
You can create a weak aura to cancel/unsummon Bron. A quick Google search for it will get you everything you need.

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I’m confused by not liking Bron… Is this like an RP thing?

The amount of hero play entrances Bron has had in bigger keys for me has been incredible.


No in some PvP instances or just bad timing in PvE, Bron comes along and blows the enemy out of the wild AoE everyone just set up. Or the Frost Ring or Wild Spirits in PvP, etc etc.

Bron has a way with bad timing lol.

That’s why you track the buff and set up a macro to remove it before those things can happen.

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That would be the weak aura/addon we suggested :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I know it’s just funny that some people seem so opposed to easy solutions.

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or you can divert your eyes to the top of your screen for half a second and check the buff counter, with no mods required. Simply use your eyes - these are usually located in the front of your face

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The stacks are right there, brother.

You can play Pelagos or kleia and be fine. Try ‘em out you might like it!

I’m sure that in those 4’s you’re crushing, manually clicking off a buff and tracking it from the top right of your screen isn’t wildly penalizing. In more challenging keys, taking your eyes off of mechanics (especially in a moment where you are looking to not have Bron come out because things are intense) is stupid when there is a better, more efficient way.

You really keep escalating the bad warrior takes from your seat in the ‘barely pve’s’ section.

To the point above me, you can absolutely make any soulbind work-- I definitely like Mika best, but if you aren’t enjoying it then don’t.

I’d recommend Kleia probably, with the spear lego interaction with crit (and because squeezing max dps out of Pelagos is actually kind of a sim trap and not as easy to do as the other two).

i do no keys and i get called out, i do 2 keys to try and relearn dungeons and i get called out. theres no winning :frowning:
warrior forums rating shame you more than the arena forums lol

I mean maybe don’t phrase things like you’re a smarter or better player than people using weakauras to track things when you don’t even do content hard enough to need to track things, that’s all. “Simply use your eyes-these are usually located in front of your face”, lol. Don’t act like a victim when you start off being the douche.

Weakauras and addons are a (debatably unfortunate) necessity to optimally get things done.

y u no like big boi?