Is it time for Necklace Transmogs?

Hey guys, just thinking about character customization options, and how they can build on what they have included in the game. :nerd_face:

So, basically with recent customization options, some races can finally add visible chokers to our playable characters. I think this is great, but they should begin to do this with necklaces we earn in-game too imo.

I’ve always thought the icon art for necklaces was very well done (Angelista’s Charm was my favorite back in the days :heavy_heart_exclamation:), but I’d love to see what kind of visuals they can add to transmog (since they already experiment with this via character creator).

Anyways, I know there’s lots of necks in the game since the early times - so this might be unrealistic for every piece right away - but was hoping for DF at least - and special items like the Heart of Azeroth, we could see these someday :revolving_hearts:


I like this idea along with rings potentially. I like the idea of having jewelry.



There is a ring toy that shows up on your hand. It’s called “Black Ice”. Here’s the wowhead link for it:


I always wear that regardless of the mog I wear for that extra bling

But to the topic at hand, absolutely. Many colth and leather Mogs would certainly benefit from the extra jewelry.

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