Is it strange?

To want to be told you’re doing a good job sometimes?


no it isn’t. depends what you’re doing of course but if you’re playing well and doing your part I don’t think it’s strange to want to feel appreciation for it.

Everyone needs the occasional attaboy.


being first on dps meter and alive is usually enough. Though right now i’m not warrior/rogue/mage in classic so, yeah, no top1 for me

yes, you should be capable of viewing yourself critically and tell yourself if you’re doing a good job or not.

Positive reinforcement does wonders in a team setting. I live by it, and I need it to excel in anything I do.

No one wants to be yelled at, spoken down to, or embarrassed. Anyone who addresses me antagonistically will lose my respect, and be met with my wall of shame.


Hell no my friend. It isn’t even remotely strange. Especially in team settings.

I work stupid long hours, 12-14 days on rotating night shifts. It is less than fun sometimes. Every now and again a shift will be stupid busy, making that night painful. Some days just getting a “hey pal you did good” from the boss makes everything okay. That and a cookie. I love cookies.

I remember I was struggling to pump out heals that an average/above average shaman should pump on on certain fights in MC, and my enhance buddy pulled me into a locked discord channel and told me that I was doing good, but there was room for improvement. Now I am one of the best shamans in our guild. On fights where I do healing over cleanses, I am consistent in the top 5. And I don’t go for BiS pieces, I just want my tier sets and good rings/trinkets/weapons, etc.

Positive reinforcement goes a long way into making raid teams and pvp teams excel in the long run.

idk i just want loot

just depends on the group. Very few people say GJ when capping flags in WSG/AB/AV, or able to push back or what not from my experience with these BGs. Same can be said with dungeons and raids. Depends on the person leading the raid and how that person talks to the party/raid.