Is it racist/bannable to say "No Latin Americans/Brazilians" when making a raid?

The sheer amount of players from these regions infesting raid groups in classic has started to become a real issue. It’s 4-5+ people per raid I’ve joined recently who type “Sorry no ingles” or something of the sort and its starting to create issues while pugging. I want a way to filter this problem out without it coming off racist or being bannable. Would “English only” or something be more PC?


you can argue it’s due to ping or ability to communicate, and it’s no longer racist but a geographic or linguistic limitation.

Oceanic players make “OCE” groups all the time.

French and Spanish players do the same.

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If MS does finally take over, could someone please include a translation plugin for this game? Thanks.


Just say English speakers only, I don’t see that as being racist. Wanting to communicate with your raid members is a necessity in most raids, especially pugs. No need to bring race into it at all


Tu es mal jugador, jaja!

My guild members are required to speak japanese during raids.

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Not at all


Nothing wrong with that

I don’t think its racist at all. You have the right to play with and how you want. Its your sub.

No its not, If some one says it is then ask them to only invite people from those servers and see how far they get in keys / raids. I have had far to many bad interactions with people from the BR servers that I cant even remember how many at this point.

They get angry when asked why did they pull something, Die, many other examples. And then they just leave and brick a 14 + key. There are actually decent players on the BR servers but the other 90% or so just ruin it for the good ones.

So again no its not Racist at all.

Yes, it is when you absolutely do that in spite of them having the exact requirements you’re looking for a dungeon.

You’re literally saying that you’re looking for anyone who is NOT Brazilian / Latin American to your group. I mean we could downgrade your racism to xenophobia but that is up entirely to you to whatever label you can live with yourself.

I have absolutely had the same experience with many people from different realms. Most recently these players are not even playing with people outside their country/realm already due to the extensive prejudice against them.

Moreover, what happens is, those players begin to move out of their realm. There is right now a much larger Latin America community on Area-52 than it ever existed. Brazilians as well there and on Stormrage and Sargeras.

You’ll just won’t be able to differentiate them from others based on realm anymore.

Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.

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Asks who is gay in the group.
Remove that person.

Let’s see how this works.

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Instead of filtering by geographic zone, filter by language.
There are tons of latins that speak english and understand it.


lol, yeah better choice of wording, etc. but of course it’s fine to require a common language for your raid group, if any communication is necessary.

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It totally is. What’s the difference between that and no Asians/Chinese or Africans/African American players? If you need English speakers you recruit for them. There are plenty of Latin American/Brazilians that are fluent in English or understand it well enough to group up in WoW.

I think he’s speaking more the linguistic groups than the ethnic ones. Probably something along the lines of “No Spanish/Portuguese only speakers” to be more accurate.

OP, is.

The one I quoted, no.

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