Is it possible to hit 1800 in arenas by the time this season is over?


Aww :frowning:

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yes. I make my own groups on my arms warrior. I am not going for 1800 though. If I get there hooray if not oh well. What I want is to fill up the mount bar so i can get it.

Currently sitting at 1550-1600.

I log in every day after the daily reset and while I do my daily chores I have the group listed up. I then run it until the group breaks apart of 5-10 or so arena matches. I make progress like this.

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Easily man. The ratings are so overvalued now, all you need is like a 50% win rating.

Go fury, get a monk healer in 2s, and literally faceroll the keyboard.


i would think so depending on teamates.

i went for giggles with my brother and a healer in our guild and got 1400 in one evening.

pretty sure 1800 is achievable as long as you got 2 other teamates ready to spend more than one session :wink:

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Arena rating is exponentially harder the higher you go up.

1400: impossible not to get this by just playing games.
1600: some brain cells required.
1800: you need some pvp knowledge and a very dedicated mindset if you’ve never done serious arena before.
2000: will take you at least 2 seasons of practicing to reach this, assuming you don’t get carried by a God.
2200+: Good luck, don’t even try unless you’ve been pvping for years already.


It’s definitely doable if you start working on it.

I picked up Unholy over the break and managed to get to 1800 without ever playing Unholy before. Helps to have some knowledge though of course.


He said Fury Warrior though. You got it bro. You could probably even do it in 5 hours. Just get a decent healer and train someone to the ground.


You want to reach 1800s, blindfold yourself and play the following specs
assassination Rogue
eley sham

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ele is good now? then why are they always crying on the shaman forums?

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Get a MW monk as your healer, they are the strongest atm by far.


Hey OP, just wanted to chime in because I had a very similar goal. I started playing this priest seriously right around Christmas since my raid needs me to be a ranged dps/off healer. I got 1850 in 2’s earlier this week on priest (since tanked playing with my less experienced friend). Prior to that, I got it on HPal. I’ll share some tips and some encouragement.

First it is absolutely doable, but you must come into this with the attitude that every game needs to be either a win or a learning opportunity. If you are just grinding your face off and neither winning nor learning, you are wasting your time. Losing is fine if you learn. Some practical examples are getting muscle memory for focus kicks, refining the setup of addons, or learning matchups. You say you have little experience, so an attitude toward practice and improvement is crucial. Ask for feedback, and take criticism in stride!

As a fury warrior, your job is to do big damage and not die. I know that sounds silly, but compared to a more control oriented class it means that you must be a master at dishing out damage and recognizing danger windows so you can leverage your superior pressure.

Your control options are limited, but you do have them. Along those lines, I recommend downloading the addon “gladiatorlosSA” and turning on only notifications for 1.5 min+ cooldowns. Learn to recognize when the enemy is bursting - as a fury warrior, this may be the time to consider jumping back to pillar or using your fear/stun to assist your teammate.

Focus first on positioning awareness and CC chaining second. My impression is that many people get caught in CC chains and think “if only I could do that, I would win,” but the reality is that proper awareness of your partners’ and enemy positioning is far more important. CC opportunities open up naturally at lower levels of skill, and if you make an effort to pay attention to positioning you will start to see patterns emerge for opportunities.

Finally, try to pick a good healer partner. As a fury warrior your healer is going to have a great deal more influence on how high you can rise than it would with a spec with more tools. I recommend a good Mistweaver or HPal, but anything can work. Most crucially, try to find a healer who can tell you what you need to improve and learn.


are blizz employees like, only allowed to play with each other? or do you exist among us quietly like a secret society.

are you on my btag right now and just not telling me?

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That’s plenty of time.

Rating inflation is at insane levels right now. It’s so high that a lot of the rewards are pretty much jokes to get. Considering that, you could probably hit 1800 in a day or two of queing from literally 0 cr, if not a few hours if you just spam que. Even if you aren’t amazing you could just piggyback on inflation and hit it easily.

Find an enhancement shaman or dk to que with.


Do I have to be well geared? I’m still leveling(level 104)

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If you have friends willing to play with you, no. Problem is if you need to pug, then yes. Randoms won’t take you with garbo gear. You’ll get decent gear from actually queing, but the problem is finding people to que with you beforehand.

Just get to 120 as fast as you can and do some random PvE trash to get a decent ilvl so you can actually join some groups.

No joke it’s going to take you longer to finish leveling and get gear than it is to actually get the 1800.


you can get to 1800 in 2 hrs. especially as fury just look for a mistweaver monk to heal you

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If you just keep trying till the season ends why not??

Real question is do you have time to give??

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Keep at it with a good partner and great communication and you’ll hit 1800 in no time.

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It’s fury - that’s doable in a day.


I did it in a few days of casual pugging as a warlock. Shouldn’t be hard as a much better class over all.