Is it possible to ask for a name change without getting a ban?

so as the title says, i am a repeat offender when it comes to name changes and im tried of getting suspended, but my issue is i made all my my toons at the same time. so everytime i play that toon i get a ban for a few days, do i have to go through this everytime or can i submit a ticket to have my name changed without a ban since buying a name change isnt an option?

Yes, and it was even suggested doing so would be helpful for you to avoid further penalties, in your last post. I’m not sure which ticket path to take to do this. I’m not even sure it’s guaranteed to be granted. Optionally there’s the paid name change if a representative is unable to help, but try a ticket first.


thats the thing, TBC doesn’t have a name change option, and im currently ban right now because of a name i made.

Yup I forgot this is a classic issue, perhaps trying the appeal method, make sure to just say you wish to self report and see if you can get names changed proactively. Maybe someone else can find a link that might work better.

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Submit a ticket, Shark. We are usually far more lenient with self-requests than reports.


i made a ticket for my unban, and for my toons name changes.

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