Is it normal for a scan/repair to take 16 hours to get to 85%?

To be clear up front. The game runs fine. I only started doing it because whenever I login it goes to character creation rather than my established characters. But I can always back out of that and play with no issues. I heard that a scan/repair has fixed that for some people.

I’ve never actually done one before. But the game is running on an NVME with no issues coming up on diagnostics. Game runs fine when I’m playing.

But it would actually be faster for me to entirely delete the game and redownload it. Which I’m not going to do since, again, it runs fine.

But is that length of time for a scan normal? or should I take it as a sign to purge and re-install so I can head off a potential issue down the line?

I dont think ive had a proper one last longer than a hour or 2. Id suggest delete and redownload if its gonna take that long. I did that earlier, it was super fast but the repair went a lot faster than before. Took maybe 30-60 mins max for me today

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Nope, sounds like the data is corrupted. I would reinstall.


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