Is IE rewards still messed up?


I want to go back to Island Expeditions but I’m waiting till Blizzard fixes the rewards. Did they fix it yet?

(Bojakk) #2

Well, I went in on my 110 rogue yesterday and did 3 IE. First one I get a cloth 310 piece, second one got two pets and the 3rd dropped a dubloon satchel. Compared that with last week on my main and got literally nothing but azerite and one coin purse seems to be better anyways

(Elevate) #3

Last week I did around 20 in a row, mix of heroic and normal and received nothing but a few dubloons. First time since IE’s launched that i’ve gone more than 5-10 without getting an item.

This week I just did enough to get the treasure map, maybe 5 and got a pet and finally a mount after doing thousands of them without ever seeing a mount previously.

Anecdotal but i’m hoping they upped the rates a little since the reset.

(Selerinus) #4

Did three mythics. Between the three of us we got a pet and two greens.


It’s actually pretty rare for me to get nothing except azerite. I’d say that happens maybe 1 out of 6 or 7 runs. I do heroic only. I usually at least get a bag, or pet/gear. The price on pets and the gear has crashed so bad it makes me believe that it has at least a decent drop rate.

OTOH, I haven’t gotten a mount in over 220 runs…

(Cattywompus) #6

2600 runs and no mount for me, yet.

(Cattywompus) #7

What mount did you get?


I got two of the mounts on normal islands before the afk fix

(Elevate) #9

The skeletal horse thing, Risen Mare I think it’s called, it dropped from the Havenswood island.

Probably the one I wanted least other than the jellyfish but at this point I was so amazed to get any mount.


I got 3 mounts in my first 30~ runs after 8.1 and before the afk fix. I know rng is rng, but it does kinda make me wonder what they did. I got the yeti, the bat and the dragon.

(Nadinka) #11

Yea, from my testing loot is finally back to being respectable (following the internal change to curb AFK farming - breaking everyone’s loot rolls).

But unfortunately this whole event was the final straw for me and all enthusiasm I had for grinding items in islands is gone. No communication on the AFK fix, and then no communication on the fix for the fix - after we waited 11 weeks just to learn how loot worked, and they’ve only recently made it so several of the transmog sets even drop (Rattling Bone & Flame Druid for example).

The entire system is a buggy convoluted mess, and I’ve devoted far too much of my life to something that Blizzard obviously cares very little about.

(Soeroah) #12

I don’t know if I’ve gotten a reward since 8.1 launched. Maybe one or two, maybe that’s when I got my mount.

But most things I’ve got lately came from the mission table, which itself is disappointing - today I did 5 missions on 5 characters, and only one got an actual island reward. The rest were Azerite or Residuum, both of which I literally could not care less about.