Is hunter DH disc a viable comp

Been running it the past two nights with decent success at low MMR (1850-1950). Hoping to run it to 2k+

Ya can play it to duelist/but higher but at that point you’re going to struggle. I’d imagine it’d be a good company to burn healers (out of trap) but overall it’s pretty average

The highest dh hunter I’ve seen this season is the guys playing 1 shot thirsting blades gimmick with zilea a month or so ago

I’d expect the comp to work though, dh does more sustained dps than feral usually and it’s not any easier to kill or kite until roots get involved. Burst isn’t as good and stuns are worse but I’d think that’s something you can deal with

probably can run it to glad lol since season is / going to be very inflated

Almost every comp in the game is good to a certain rating if you’re a good player and your teammates are good…but once you hit a higher rating you’ll start to feel how much of a disadvantage you’re at vs other comps.

Can prolly get 2.4 with it but not much higher

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At what MMR do people start lining rain from above