Is Heroic N'Zoth carry worth buying with gold?

I can see where the price would be worth it if you don’t wanna deal with guild drama.


Just join a guild that’ll help you do it or befriend community raid teams.

that’s a lot of gold for an ugly mount, and a mediocre title…

If you can’t down it yourself and you want AOTC/the mount, yes.

Whether it’s worth it or not is rather subjective. If you’re not a raider and sitting on millions of gold and you want the mount and/or achievement you may just be better off throwing a few hundred thousand at it. Hell even if you aren’t loaded with cash if you’re not someone with lucrative tastes burning it all on the carry can still be worth it to you.

On the other hand if you’re a decent player who dabbles in raiding, but doesn’t get too far and doesn’t have a main raiding group then trying to pug it would be totally doable.

I think it worth it if you’re not a raider. But if you have raider friends I’m sure they will try to start carrying people this late in patch.

Hello people in this thread, from a skim through there seems to be a distaste for the raffle system groups giving away this mount, but I’m dropping a reference here to our upcoming carry/charity event starting this Friday at 8pm for Horde (US) called #Shadywish. We’ll be running events from here until the launch of Shadowlands with the goal of getting as many mounts for people as we’re able.

It IS raffle based, but only because the last time we did an event like this (#MooseAWish in WoD), we had 1000+ sign up and only 776 actually followed through and got us on btag/were online for the run.

We’re supporting the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in honor of a guildie who passed away in 2019, but no donation is required for a carry and offering one will not allow you to skip the raffle.

More info about how to join can be found in our post here!

I’ve been wanting to obtain the mount as well, but I’m too casual to afford several thousands of gold worth of a carry. It makes me kind of sad, but I keep a lookout for less expensive options, but I feel like I’m going to have to break down and get all my gold together to do so :frowning:

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Make your own group and get carried by ilvl 470 people like I did! It’s free :smiley:

All you have to do is list it as an “Echoes Farm” and be really picky about who you invite. Get a few Warlocks to summon between bosses.


a lot of groups are just giving end of xpac kills away, and it’s probably one of the easiest end bosses you can pug

Only you can answer that. Do you think the voidwing is worth the gold?

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If you would buy it in the cash shop, it’s worth buying the carry, which should at this point cost no more than one token’s worth of gold.

Successful Heroic N’Zoth groups are typically looking for previous Heroic N’Zoth kills - AOTC - or if they just need to fill one slot, 470+. You might get into a Cara-N’Zoth with 465, but if your DPS isn’t great, you may well get removed the first time you wipe.

If you have a tank friend that can just carry you through 15s on a whim, getting into a group for H N’zoth is probably not going to be an issue for you. You’re not really the target of this thread’s question.


Here’s what you do. Find a friend with the heroic skip and start a raid group. Basically only invite people 465ilvl or higher and advert as Cara Nzoth. Basically a free carry.

You could easily just join a CE guild and just run on their heroic runs.

Thing is, guilds will replace bads on (usually) N’Zoth since nobody likes to waste time on a heroic boss.

So if you’re skilled enough to down heroic N’Zoth, you’ll do just fine.

You should have enough ilvl to get into heroic groups and do it for free

If you are like me and haven’t got much time to raid or a casual player I think it’s worth it. Like others said it’s up to you if you want to do that and if you have the gold the spend.
Some people say find a guild that will let you tag along. Well some guilds are just running Mythic only and want to best for the raid. It being the end of the expansion some guilds are even taking a break. I know in my Nightborne DK the guild is running only mythics.

Sure. Why not?

If you actually play the game, then no, it’s not worthwhile. Getting into a PuG that can kill it, even without AotC, is not an insurmountable task.

PFFT! I do heroic N’Zoth solo and to make it fun I take off all my armor and weapons and fight him bare handed.