Is Frost Mage just crazy weak 110 to 120 or what?

OP was talking about squishiness
As a cloth wearing pure dps with no pet, yeah mage dies easily.

You shouldn’t ever be getting hit unless it’s a caster mob, like ever.

Doesn’t matter how squishy you are if nothing can touch you.

I’ve been leveling my Frost Mage in Warmode utilizing the Frostbite talent. I’m gonna miss that once I stop Warmode.

Assuming you never make a mistake. With a class you have no experience with, since you’re still leveling. You’re not wrong though.

Fire really doesn’t feel much different than the other mage specs to me. The amount of outgoing damage is a bit iffy if you don’t use your cooldowns but a lot of classes are like that now leveling up.

I couldnt stand leveling as frost. I changed to fire at about 113 and it seemed a lot better for leveling. Especially if you get multiple procs for pyroblast being instacast

that’s just how casters are
my level 96 spriest died to two racoons in my garrison