Is Flamewaker's Cobra Sting any fun?

Been leveling my BM alt and been thinking about just continuing with RPF or to try out Flamewaker. Anyone who used it know how does it feel and compare to RPF? Also is it any fun to use since RPF feels kind of meh.

I guess it depends how you define fun. Since it makes KC consume no focus, but doesn’t reduce its cooldown, it mostly means you’ll be casting more Cobra Shots to consume the leftover focus. Is that fun? Good during Bestial Wrath if you have Killer Cobra, but most BM hunters take Aspect of the Beast. Also probably helps Spitting Cobra, but that’s such a lackluster talent I doubt it helps enough to make it worth taking over Thrill of the Hunt. It really doesn’t change your playstyle.

If you find doing additional things fun, you can’t beat Soulforge Embers. You will work hard trying to get two casts of Flare per Tar Trap without letting Frenzy drop. Some people like that sort of thing, others hate it.