Is felstriker the Alliance heavy OCE pvp server?

Question in title…

I ask because I don’t want to play on a horde heavy server like Yojamba or Arugal.

What’s the ratio like on felstriker?

If you like your world pvp to escalate to the point it stops because Alliance can’t fight fair then Feltriker’s the place to be.

so that’s a yes?

pretty much even

Yeah I would say Felstriker is about evenly balanced faction wise. Somedays certain zones will lean one way or the other then the opposite the next day. I think it’s a great mix here. I have a high level druid and this hunter and a lower level warlock. So I’m seeing all the zones.

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Bit of a change recently with the free transfers. Alliance are now in significant majority from all accounts.

Good info, I’ve got about 6 more alliance players incoming. My family and I are sick of getting ganked constantly on Aragul, we all played Vanilla(PVP) and it was never this bad.

Looking forward to joining you all!

The irony of this post and the poster…

a) Because Horde have been all about fighting fair… right?
b) Weren’t you the ahole sitting in Booty Bay exploiting the guard aggro radius so that you and that other shadowpriest can safely gank lowbies??
c) No one likes you

Haha i just made a tauren warrior alt on felstriker a few days ago. Seems like he might be outnumbered too like my main human ret on yojamba :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: