Is destruction warlock fun?

How do you find destruction warlock? is it fun for you and why is it fun?

To me it’s a blast,aoe is great fun.i go through torgast like a hot knife through butter

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It’s nothing like the TBC version or classic but it’s there I guess


When you’re going thru content that everyone easily outgears… it’s actually NOT fun. It just feels like you can’t keep up and you’re constantly shard-starved or penalized for being a turret-style class in a run 'n gun playstyle.

In challenging content where you’re using all your tools correctly, it’s quite rewarding.


Honestly it feels a little dry right now. In it’s current state I wouldn’t not recommend it but i wouldn’t recommend it either


its meh, I wish it was more like the oldschool destro

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Oldschool in what way.?

It can be fun in certain moments when teams are bad enough to let you free cast for a couple seconds (PvP). I dont really PvE that much. But Seeing as how there’s only 2 or 3 fun buttons to press max…i doubt I’d have that much fun. Honestly…this xpac has been one of the WORST when it comes to how fun destruction is. We lost VERY GOOD and COOL, THEMATIC spells from legion which were VERY FUN to use and they were replaced with crappy covenant spells that dont really make that MUCH of a difference in the level of fun im having. If i were rating how fun this xpac was for destruction for me personally…id give it a 5 out of 10. Only reason I dont reroll is because I dont want to have to grind renown, torghast, etc…that and Id just feel betrayed (By myself and Blizzard) playing another class and succeeding with it. Like Id have just given up on the warlocky goals I had for this expansion. Sure, I could hit duelist as a fire mage. I could do it as a marksman hunter. But Id just end up being scorned that I wouldnt be playing my absolute favorite class as my favorite spec. And that feelsbadman

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I just like make the world burn

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