Is destro good?

In PvP and PvE? I like it because it makes me feel like I’m playing a cooler mage. I love having an infernal to crash down on my enemies. Plus the utility rocks.


It’s pretty good. I just started playing again maybe a month or so ago…

I think you know some of the good already. You are very much a substantially edgier and cooler and tankier mage. You’re also a member of the 2nd least played class in the game… I believe only the monk still has lower representation although that sometimes changes dramatically if one of our specs becomes the FotM.

You’re slow and somewhat immobile. For challenging combat, it doesn’t matter that much, you just have to plan around it although exceptionally mobile raid encounters are tough. But if you’re doing faceroll content that everyone easily outgears, it can be disheartening because the more mobile ranged DPS and melee DPS will leave you in the dust.
When I first hit 60, I was dismayed with my destro lock. My Havoc demon hunter was topping DPS meters on instance pulls pretty much the first hour I dinged 60 because Havoc burst AoE is just crazy. With my destruction lock, he did very well on actual bosses but everyone ate his lunch on the mob pulls.

Running back after a wipe when you can’t use a mount… at max level, there are covenants that can help but if you’re the one guy everyone’s waiting on, it’s a little frustrating how slow you feel especially if you’ve played a monk or DH.

Also, don’t let the threads in the class forums get you down. Forums, by their very nature, attract complainers and the massively insecure. There’s always going to be a loser living in his mom’s basement complaining because an even bigger loser living in his grandma’s closet roflstomped him in PvP. That being said, I’ve heard our PvP options are limited at the moment (in 2v2 and 3v3). If you’re not trying to get 2400 Arena rating, you should be fine with the right partner.


I’d say Destro is good for 90-95% of the game. If you’re not doing hard core progression in rated pvp; mythic+; mythic raiding you’ll be fine.

And, even those areas are doable if you are an exceptional player that can wring every drop of effectiveness out of the class.


It’s far from MoP (best we’ve been) and Wrath destro.

Feels good when you have the Cinders leggo.
I still enjoy it except for the times Chaos Bolt hits for 10k, even at my iL

Thanks guys. Appreciate the feedback.

Lol what?

Triune ward says hello.


And who tf is using that leggo outside of certain PvP scenarios?

In general, Lock is absolutely tankier than mage, you just lack full immunity or a cheat death.

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I mean I use it on my mage for anything solo that’s not mythic plus or raiding.

I was talking to a level 16 warlock about the differences between the classes IN GENERAL over the course of vanilla WoW and its EIGHT expansions and you decide to mention this one edge case like that somehow invalidates what I said…?

You need to stop playing video games and read a book or something. Your comprehension is awful.

This expansion is a little different than in previous ones as warlocks are not as tanky as they traditionally have been.

PvE wise warlocks are tanky, PvP wise they are not.

My comprehension is fine, you are just not as informed as you think you are.

My gawd you’re dense…
Just stop, you’re trying to be a pedantic know-it-all and you’re actually coming across as incredibly stupid. Even if warlocks aren’t “as tanky as they used to be”, we’re still tankier overall than mages. There’s no one with a 3-digit IQ that would posit otherwise.

You claim “your comprehension is fine” yet you’re still arguing an edge case (on your hunter) like the purpose of the thread is not to welcome a new warlock. No, you think it’s to brag about your stupid “tanky” mage and his PvP gear.
That’s some pretty low comprehension.

Read the room, huntard.

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You haven’t done anything above LFR my guy.

Tankier is also subjective as it depends on what you’re classifying as tanky. Are you weaving mortal coil in your rotation?

Having a cheat death and immunity can be considered tanky.

You stated something that could be taken as wrong. You’re the one who got offended.

Stop making assumptions other people don’t play warlock at any level.

Ignoring the above back-&-forth… Destro’s in a good place right now. Does pretty well in the raid. Sire in CN was a pain as Destro, luckily no such issues this raid. We have a few gear & talent combinations available we can use for m+ every week. 15’s are pretty easy by now. The only issue I’ve faced is if you want to push 20’s unless the tank really pulls around your CD’s. Aff gets better at higher key levels.

It’s a special kind of dumb to argue mages are tankier than locks… These forums never cease to amaze.

I’d argue we’re in a pretty subpar place considering our single target is trash tier but hopefully 9.2 brings some much needed buffs to remedy that.

I still think another +10% to CB and Incinerate is needed but we’re not too far off the mark. A straight 5% aura buff wouldn’t be bad either, honestly. I find it hard to believe, but M+ logs and Mythic raid logs for the last 2 weeks indicate Destro is dead last right now in both.

Demo > destro any day.

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‘Any Day’ is a stretch. Of course whatever you’re best at is the best for you. But right now Demo for single target, Aff for AOE when adds last long enough to get decent value (ie keys >15)… and Destro of course for 2 targets & situations in between the above two.

But that keeps changing of course. The balance will shift in 9.2, specially with whichever spec can get best value out of a second leggo. But the question was if Destro is good right now. And it very well is.