Is dampening driving away healers

These solo que times are cancer is dampening the reason why ?


No, the rankings/mmr system is what makes me and alot others to not queue RSS as healer. Its not fun to get 0 rating for 4/5 and 5/6 games


Nothing is going to entice me to play healer and I doubt that I’m alone in that sentiment. This is another case of trying to mold player behavior rather than making game changes.

Just add 2v2 dps only version of RSS.


Wait what dampening changes

Healing caster vs caster teams is a lot of fun but being absolutely trained to the ground by double melee is exhausting and not fun. Win or lose i dont enjoy the braindead train gang.

Solo shuffle seems dominated by braindead training and that doesnt sound too interesting to me… just my perspective


Presumably these?


As a healer I can say that entering 2v2 starting at 30% dampening is absolutely manageable and goes some way to show that healing overall is simply too much right now.


Everyones gonna have their own reasons they dont like to heal solo shuffle. There are tons of valid ones

-MMR and rating gains system for healers
-Healing bad dps can be hair pullingly stressful
-Healing in general feels nerfd overall compared to shadowlands and yet DPS feel the same if not stronger

the list goes on. but yes dampening is probably one reason. it hurts bad healers most because recovery is much harder. less forgiving


never seen such a wrong take


I think you’re just campaigning for buffs regardless of what’s actually going on.

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Dampening is too effective. How would dps like their damage to go down by 1% every 5-10 seconds? I get dampening is needed but js its not fun for me to have a dps die when im doing full heals on them but their hp doesnt go up. theres gotta be another way. i just started doing random bgs instead

like HEY the only way to end games is to phase out one of the players over time. nice solution there

edit: replied to wrong person


Its a matter of opinion. I feel the game would be healthier if healing were more fun. Right now its an uphill battle where the hillis a frozen cliff and you forgot to bring your ice pick if you’re not a rdruid/pers. And even those healers feel like they heal less well then in shadowlands. Doesn’t feel healthy for the game. You can say you like 30 sec- minute games and thats a fine opinion. I just disagree and think its unhealthy for the game


Partially. Also in part the pool of “special” DPS you are often forced to babysit who have zero situational awareness and will happily LoS themselves, attack the wrong target or die with defensive cooldowns untouched. Ironically, the same type of people crying for healer nerfs while simultaneously wondering why no one wants to heal in SS.


Oh wow I had no idea oops gee wiz 2’s is going to be rough

I have a question. If I’m queueing double DPS into DPS/healer. Which dampening version of the 2v2 applies? Does the healer team get the 30% and my team get the 10%? I thought the dampening was like a “zone” debuff not a debuff on the players themselves. Does that make sense?

Dampening + everyone having a Mortal Wounds effect is killing my morale as a healer.

If I get trained right out the gate, and somehow manage to escape behind a pillar, it takes me a good 10 seconds of spamming Flash Heal on myself to get my HP back to 100%.

Now, when my teammates are getting trained, and their HP drops below 50%, guess what? That’s now their max HP because not even my strongest heal can top them up.

I much prefer the Shadowlands burst meta to… whatever this is where I feel like I contribute nothing. Especially seeing the end of match scoreboard where a Fury Warrior has healed themselves for more than my total amount of healing.

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I don’t mind dampening. If I fall behind, it means the other team will probably win, so I’d rather just have the faster game than have it drawn out. The long queues is just because no one wants to play a healer. But as someone who chose healer for this expansion to get fast queues, I have to say, it’s really pretty fun, especially with spells like mindgames, shadow-word death and mind control that create a lot of variety. In terms of just jumping in and pvping with instaqueues, I’d really recommending rolling healer (bias towards dps healers like evoker, priest or fistweaver) for the true pvp game lobby experience where games pop all the time.

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Now try shuffle or 3s, the second dps makes it a nightmare. Every time you top someone, a second and a half later theyre back to 50% or less. Basing healing on 2s LMAO

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I have 20% increased healing in shuffle and 3v3 so same comment still applies lol maybe do some research

Post on your healer then. With how braindead take is, i can only conclude the dk youre posting on is your main and youre just trolling

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