Is curse not allowing third-party clients even with toggle enabled?

Over the past few days I’ve gotten many comments/PMs like this:

Can you host the addon on alternative providers (like Wago that also provides revenue) other than Curse as well, please? They are going to shutdown access to their API by other addon managers and everyone who doesn’t use their client won’t be able to receive updates from you anymore.

In addition to always hosting addons on wowinterface, I’ve enabled the toggle on curse to allow outside distribution

I don’t use addon updating clients–80% of the addons I use are ones I’ve written and it takes less than 5 seconds to update others–so I’m a bit out of the loop.

For someone who doesn’t care about the rewards program, is the above not sufficient? What am I missing?

That should be all you need.

That said, WoWUp pulls from WoWInterface (and many other repos) so not sure why you’d specifically need to make them available via Curse.

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Perfect thanks. I’ll carry on as usual then.

Move to v2 of the API got pushed out to next week.

What was left out in the request is that the current Curseforge API that allows downloads/updates of addons is going to be shut down. Once that happens the new API requires a special key to access it even with the author’s toggling on. Without the key, 3rd party addon managers can’t access the new API. That is why you are getting requests to host on other providers so they can switch to them once Curseforge/Overwolf shut down the current API. If your addon is on other providers, just let them know it is and they should be able to swap or send them to WowUp’s discord for help in swapping to a different provider.

I’d be thrilled if I can drop curse and only post to wowinterface. Unfortunately wowup is not seeing an update I posted today to wowinterface.

Where are people posting their addons once this v2 goes live? Do a large number of people use the overwolf app?

You can post any addon to TukUI whether or not it’s related to their products.

Do you have the Provider of the addon in WowUp set to WowInterface?

When I uncheck all except wowinterface from options/addons and then rescan files, all addons I’ve written turn to ‘Unknown’ status and have no provider, but a few of other people’s addons like Battle Pet BreedID show with a wowinterface provider.

Weird. You should be able to right click and change it without disabling the others. Maybe there’s some WowI setting you need to tweak, similar to the CF one.

Yeah, there must be a setting or something. I’m not seeing the provider option for Grounded like I do for BigWigs

Looks like it might be a .toc thing.

I’m seeing the following lines in BigWigs’ toc that aren’t in yours:

## X-Website:
## X-Curse-Project-ID: 2382
## X-WoWI-ID: 5086

I assume the X-WoWI-ID is what’s required to make it available via WoWI.

Confirmed. Added ## X-WoWI-ID: 25878 to Grounded’s toc and now it’s available from WoWI.

And adding both gives me the option to switching between providers.

## X-Curse-Project-ID: 439396
## X-WoWI-ID: 25878


You’re amazing Elvenbane. That’s it exactly. With that X-WoWI-ID tag I’m seeing my addons on wowup now. Thanks!

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Just as a matter of interest, does WoWUp recognise/update on version specific .tocs? And if so, is it reliant on having a specific format of the version sepcific .toc as WoW seems to recognise several formats?

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WowUp seems to recognize -Classic and -BCC .toc files for their respective versions when the main one is for retail. I’m not sure on variations.

Unfortunately it fails to recognize symbolic links (or at least the junction links I use). For addons that work across multiple clients I use a symbolic link to the retail version. They just don’t appear at all in wowup as if the folder doesn’t exist.

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Thank you for the information Gello.

Not seeing Symlinks is not so much of a problem as I mainly use them for my own addons which are always up-to-date eeerrr… :wink:

So looks like the thing is using logic from the BigWigs Packager

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I wonder if the addons that have muliple ## Interfacexxx entries in the .toc but only release with the default retail .toc maybe missunderstand their purpose and are not using the BWP.

Would explain a thing or two not using a packager myself as I only release on WoWI.

Thanks Elvenbane.

Just taking a look at WoWup and it does have an option to Enable Symlink Support under the Options/Application menu.

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