Is Crucible of Storms releasing with 8.1.5 or after?

Okay, but what about all the people who don’t care about anything in a major content patch you just released? What are you doing for them, huh?


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Yes same ilvl as BoD. Wowhead posted it while back. Crazy gear effects too.


The lack of downtime between the new raid and M Jaina progression is going to make a pleb like me sad.

It’s so new only 6 Alliance guilds have gone 9/9 in Mythic. But it’s not like Blizzard cares how badly the Alliance raiding scene is falling apart or anything, judging by the state of racials…

That wasn’t confirmed, even wowhead said that the ilvls were subject to changing.

They just posted tonight. so loot item have 5 ilvl increase. My mistake.

I’m curious what the reasoning behind releasing Mythic the same week as an MDI cup is, given that most of the top MDI teams have people that are going to have to raid instead of competing in the cup (all of course pending tuning).

Wait. Rise of Azshara PTR will come after 8.1.5 goes live.

8.1.5 is hardly a major content patch, those are reserved typically for 8.2, 8.3 or those conventional numbering of patches. Unless your referring to whats live in which case if you don’t care why still play?

first patches have never been major patches those are normally the patch after that one.Plus 8.1.5 is not a huge jump anyways it’s barely new stuff in it.

I think the first boss is 5 ilvl higher and then 10 ilvl higher for the second boss. Not sure if the forge cap is being raised.

They won’t raise the cap, no reason to do that till season 3 begins.

holding crucible release 5 weeks from the new allied races is such a scummy way to make sure we have to resub. Why has the last 4 years of this game felt so time gated. Why not make the game fun instead of holding the content just out of reach of each months resub…

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Why does the trend of time-gating since WOTLK continue to this day? There doesn’t seem to be a viable reason to release a patch, then open the raid weeks or months later.

“Time is money friend, subscribe for another 30 days and get to do the raid this patch promises you” - Blizzard Goblins

…so we can enjoy the actual content of the new patch rather than having to worry about immediately diving into the raid as soon as it drops?

Why can’t I decide what pace I decide to enjoy the content at?

it will be strung along to keep people subbed longer.

Which is exactly why the raid opens nearly a month after the patch. They’ve calculated that a significant portion of people let their sub fall off after raiding dies down only to come back again when it resumes. Probably they’ve calculated the opening date to coincide with 20-30% of their subs expiring so they’ll all hit resub just as it opens.

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I see it more like thats what most companys would most likely do anyways not shocked really.