Is Crucible of Storms releasing with 8.1.5 or after?

I guess that answers your question; they are testing CoS encounters in the current PTR builds, so it would be safe to assume that raid is bundled in with the 8.1.5 patch and so yes, the ARs will have to wait until the rest of that content update is ready for release.

Wait… has the Brawlers Guild even been tested yet?

About as well as Dazar’alor.

…So no.

But at least Dazar’alor is good :slight_smile:

Even if Crucible is delayed a week or two it doesn’t matter for the allied races. The raid isn’t at all part of their unlock requirements. Zandalari and Kul Tirans will be out the day the patch releases.


Also, the current plan is for Crucible of Storms Normal/Heroic to open on April 16, 2019, and Mythic/Raid Finder to begin a week later on April 23.

Battle of Dazar’alor is still quite new – a majority of organized raiders are working their way through their initial preferred difficulty, with higher difficulties to follow for many, and the final Raid Finder wing of Battle of Dazar’alor just opened this week.

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Don’t mean to intrude on the conversation but do you know roughly what ilvl Blizzard is recommending? Usually when creating a raid, Blizzard has a recommended ilvl. Do you know what the start is for Normal is going to be? I’m currently telling guildies to be at 390 for the next raid but a more roundabout number would be really nice.

This is far too early.

Two months away is too early?

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Seems like a decent amount of time, keep in mind with Crucibles release it doesn’t remove AoTC or CE achievements as its a “filler” raid. Those won’t be going away till sometime in June I’d wager (towards the end) once the raid in 8.2 is released.

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It’s a filler raid. Same item level gears so it’s not the next tier for gears. They are trying build the story for next content.

Have the ilvls been confirmed? I thought those were still being adjusted?

The ilvl is the same as BoD. The gear just has unique effects.

Think of this as a delayed 11 boss tier.

Unless Jaina is not nerfed (And id expect she will be shortly), you won’t progress through Crucible until after clearing BoD.

I realize this currently, but I thought it had been mentioned the decision on the ilvls were not finalized yet. If they are now then fine, but there is still time for them to make change them, even if the gear has unique effects.

The MOST they could do is buff the gear to 425 ilvl on mythic and not be able to warforge. There is no new season, the max ilvl is not going to increase.

8.1.5 itself is only 2 weeks away and it’s still listed as the same ilvl of gear.

For Trial of Valor they did wind up buffing the ilvl slightly above EN, but that probably won’t be necessary with the unique effects on all the Crucible loot which situationally are great.

While 8.1.5 is two weeks away the raid itself is confirmed as April 16th, so plenty of time on that front should they adjust it. Also never mentioned max ilvl, I know that won’t change till 8.2.

What could they even adjust though? It’s still going to be a 15 ilvl gap between difficulties and max they could raise mythic to is 425 but no warforge. That’s it.

Ehh they could make it 5 ilvls higher for each difficulty. But thats all imo. Since it doesn’t drop azerite gear no need to stick it at the azerite gear ilvl brackets.

I’m not sure if this is too soon or not (probably okay), but I am pleasantly shocked that we’re getting a release date for a raid this far out.

PLEASE make this the standard going forward so people can plan!

Thank you for giving us a firm date!

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Okay, but what about all the people who don’t care about anything in a major content patch you just released? What are you doing for them, huh?


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