Is cross faction RP even possible?


I was thinking about trying to facilitate some form of cross faction rp one of these days but without being able to group cross faction how do you increase your chances of being in the same space and on the same shard? I know i have heard some others interested in it as well but is it even possible anymore with the way sharding works?

Moving to an RP server will help immensely I am sure and i would think picking much less used zones to do events would be helpful as well.


Only the new zones are sharded on an RP server, so hosting an event in an older zone takes care of that problem. Otherwise, when hosting a cross-faction event it’s a good idea to have a few people on the opposite side to help moderate.

Also make sure you stock up on the Elixir of Tongues in Legion Dalaran–this will allow you to understand the opposite faction. Downloading the Cross RP addon will aid in translating emotes, since the elixir does not translate those.

(Adraenon) #3

The Cross RP addon should also be a good help. It allows /e to be translated since with just the potion it’s still strange gestures if I recall. Aswell I poked around the other parts of the addon and it does have a link group feature, no idea how it works exactly but it’s there.


Awesome thanks for the replies. I found a guild on alliance side wyrmrest accord and i know the GM is down to try and get some cross faction rp going. Im going to see if i can find some on horde who may be willing as well. I have some ideas so far.

Now when you say new zones you mean BFA specific? Other expansions are all shared and not sharded still for rp servers?

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BFA specific. Current content zones will be sharded in order to smooth out server performance, but anything from previous expansions should be sharding free, provided Warmode is turned off.


Perfect. Thank you.