Is Crackling Jade Lightning good yet?

Every expansion I come back to see if this spell is viable yet as I contemplate what class to main. The visuals of this ability are soooo satisfying.

Is it viable to use yet or is it like previous expansions where it has no scaling and does nothing but tickle?

Tickle, they would have to majorly buff it to even consider using


Last Emperor’s Capacitor could be worth a Talent Point at 70, although even at max stacks (causing 448% AP over 4 seconds) there’s an opportunity cost where you could be doing other damage and you have to stay still to channel.

In contrast, Thunderfist does 350% AP at minimum with roughly the same uptime, all passively.

It will see some use if raid encounter design allows it but in a typical scenario it is not worth the talent point.

Gotta have something to pull flying mobs while questing!


Only way it would be good is if they changed capacitor. Make it take less stacks and when you have max stacks it turns CJL into an instant cast. Just lose too much time standing there channeling for honestly not that much damage when you could be doing your normal rotation. I personally do not like it as it is.

Other than that it’s just used to zap stuff outta the air or from afar while you run up to it.


Why would it ever be viable? Do you a class is ever going to be balanced around a 5 second channel?

Apparently EC is currently not performing great, so survey says not yet.

Nope, it’s garbage. It’s purely for Brewmaster to range pull and give Mistweavers who refuse to go in melee the illusion they are contributing.


Hey I use it in raid healing if mobs are split and a target that is too far from me to melee needs mystic touch, thank you very much. :wink:

Lol fair enough.

It’s good at collecting mobs so you can AoE them down with your actual damage abilities…does that count as good?

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In PVP it does not stop people capping flags or nodes from distance. Very limited IMO.


Last emperor’s capacitor is also locked under a Xuen related talent which seems stupid IMO since CJL has nothing to do with Xuen.

Plus it takes too many stacks as others have said and still requires you to stand still to channel it.

I would suggest it either gets a guaranteed 100% knockback + cast while moving/ reduced cast time/ instant cast. Lightning lassoo for shammies is so much better and stuns the target + castable while moving

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Hating the channel is a personal preference problem.

The current problem is tuning on CJL. EC back in Legion was a competitive legendary because it actually did very good dps.

As mistweaver, Crackling Jade Lightning is how you dps at range, and it’s your best single target dps if you dont put talents into your melee abilities (which you should if you care about doing single target dps as mistweaver).

If you’re like me and prefer your healers to be doing more healing than dpsing, you end up zapping pretty often. just make sure to spam the button instead of afk for the 5 second channel since you get extra ticks of damage

The ability is not intended to be part of our main damage output or fitting it in our rotation.

Every melee class is given an ability they can used to pull from ranged. Crackling Jade Lightning is just that.

We had another before that shot out flower petals haduken-style but that was removed a long ago.

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I also like to do more healing but with teachings of the monastery and Tigre Palm x3 + BoKick means more mana, meaning better use of globals that dont put you in a channel.

CJL is pretty useless outside of pulling ranged mobs while questing to aoe down, or like mentioned above putting the debuff on an enemy at range if you cant physically get to the enemy, or haven’t planned ahead. ( Id personally just roll and start punching at that point though myself, or already be in melee range than ever start a CJL cast )

MW has never really been “ranged”. Sure there is some stuff we can talent into/out of that lets us hang back and pretend we are ranged, ( and I’ve done it previously when we could move away from melee heavy builds ) but it’s pretty lazy to just CJL all the time.

People either add in a degree of fistweaving ( even untalented it has benefits ) because it’s good healing/mana regen and dmg, or they ignore some of the class’ main toolkit and how those abilities work with the kit - especially if talented, even a little bit.

That said Im not a fan of fistweaving myself, so Im also avoiding that playstyle if possible, but Ive still peppered in some “melee” talents just because they’re useful: RSK adds a small RenMist, Eye of the Tigre heals you for something youre already doing, spear hand strike interrupt alone will prevent the need to heal some mechanics up, teachings and Spirit of the crane are very good for the reasons mentioned above, Uplifted spirits means more revival…all strong abilities that can be taken even if you dont want to be a “fistweaver”.

MW is a “melee” healer, doesnt mean you have to be a full “fistweaver” or use that playstyle - but it does mean that it’s beneficial to be in melee using the toolkit ( IE TP and BoK ) as much as possible. IMO even if you choose to talent into everything that isnt fistweaving related still taking Spear Hand Strike and being in melee range has such a huge benefit.

yeah, the only time i really use it is to debuff a boss when i’m healing.

i did mention that if you talent for melee abilities they’re better. if you dont take those talents, cjl is more dps and equally free as punchkick. channeling is the safest way to dps since you only global for the start of the channel, then you can interrupt any time and cast without waiting as much as 1.5s for a global to finish. high responsiveness is a defining feature of mistweaving which is sacrificed in exchange for efficiency and dps gained by heavy fistweaving.

mw heals have always had 40 yard range, with revival once being 100 yard range, making us the longest ranged healer in the game. I have rescued allies at extreme range with revival in battlegrounds… much of our utility has melee range but to say we have “never really been ‘ranged’” is just ignorant.

being in melee for your utility and fistweaving is certainly good but if your spec doesnt support it, you should definitely leave melee for a safer place to cast. melee mechanics demand more movement which would interrupt our throughput for abilities like clouded focus, unison, invoke yu’lon, and our entire baseline kit excepting ReM. raid mechanics target us as a melee player, and pulling those mechanics out to range often vastly simplifies the fights, or simply ensuring we never get targeted with things we dont want to be targeted with.