Is chromie time turned off on ptr?

I tried making lvl 10 allied races to pick an expansion and theres no timeline to pick. For those on beta, can you play thru multiple timelines or when you pick you are locked to it? I love leveling content in wow so really looking forward to this. Also, if you can pick multiple timelines to quest in can you stop your xp at 50 or 49 and continue questing in all the content?


She appeared to be turned off on ptr so far.

I tried logging into a DK in old Ebon Hold, and it says the world server is offline.

I haven’t encountered any players able to access it, so I believe it’s either bugged or disabled.

Probably disabled. They are supposed to add some more stuff tomorrow so maybe who knows.

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I didn’t use Chromie, but I was able to start the Draenor questline from the adventure guide. I had to copy a character that already finished BFA first though.

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I was able to access it and choose the time lines a few days ago, but it appears to be turned off now.

I hope they turn it back on for a bit. I wasn’t able to start testing until last night, and that was one of the main things I wanted to check out. I’m mostly curious as to how it will work with my already existing alts. The idea of having to re-roll 40 to 50 characters just so I can finally level them through the expacs I was trying to get them to in the first place sounds less than appealing.

Chromie herself only affects which dungeons you can queue for. All of the zones are already scaled if below lvl 50. If you start in Exile’s Reach, you need to complete the BfA start up to the Boralus tour before you can do other zones. Characters who started in the old start zones (and allied toons, I assume) can start them immediately from the Adventure Guide or the Warboard.

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I don’t think this is right though. The idea isn’t that all the zones are scaled below 50, the idea is that a person can talk to Chromie, choose what xpac they want to level in, and then begin to level 10-50 in that xpac. Right now on the PTR if you look at the different xpac zones, they have different level scales (10-30 in Northrend, 10-45 in Broken Isles, 10-35 in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms - each zone being a different level, etc). If a person chooses to level up in Northrend for example, they should be able to go from 10-50 ALL in Northrend, not just to 30 like the PTR is currently suggesting. I thought this was the idea blizzard was going for, correct me if I’m wrong.


You’re right. At the time I posted my comment, I hadn’t noticed the lower level caps on zones. I was more paying attention to them scaling down to 10 successfully.

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Keep in mind this content is for what goes on before SL where she will be relevent.

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Same. At lvl 10, Storyline defaulted to BFA. So I chose Legion from command board/ adv guide.

According to Icy Veins (I’m assuming from the beta test), they say to go to the alliance/horde embassy to find Chromie and you have to have leveled at least one toon to 120 and completed the BfA storyline to be eligible. I haven’t had a chance to go check if this is available in prepatch yet.

Still, I was expected at level 10 to at least get a quest to go find Chromie, but only got a quest to go to my mount trainer.

Being in the PTR I copied my priest 120 which has 477ilvl and the title of the fourth war.

I go to Chromie with a level 10 character and it doesn’t give me any options.

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Thanks for checking this… Hopefully it’s enabled when prepatch comes out and not something we’ll have to wait for Shadowlands to do.

My concern with this checking for storyline completion is: does it factor which faction completed it or just that it was completed

You need to complet the new player experience if you lvl up on exile reach, after that you go to the command board just before grommash hold, then choose wich xpac you want to level up.
If you play outlaw rogue consider legion at lvl 14 before going there because you unlock pick lock at lvl14.

Soon i will give a complet review of the new leveling thing, but first i need to finish my 5 missing lvl.

Chromie time should be available without finishing exiles reach. :thinking:

You can either go to the board or find Chromie near the Embassies for Allied races for all of the previous expacs.