Is Brewmaster the same as Legion?

Ahoy Monks,

I played this Brewmaster Monk in Legion I believe, raided and all. I loved the play style of drinking to gain more stagger all the time, and drinking again to release all the stagger.

Haven’t touched Monk since; and was thinking of boosting one on another server to be my main.

Is it still like it was in Legion? Another question is; is it possible to PVP as Brew by chance? I would always try back then and often fail.


Yeah I struggled in Brew PvP back in Legion and decided to look at their new talents the other day. I have no personal proof yet, but they look to be in a much better place. The self heals from expel harm hit massive numbers, especially with crits and healing orbs out when you use it. Just in general it looks better.

Now whoever comes in here to tell me that it’s still crap, I would have no retort yet. I have little time to play for awhile but in a month or two I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs in pvp.

Brew right in the beta even with the tier set is the weakest tank by far in raid and almost unplayable in high keys, and brew besides the odd one season where guard worked for your entire arena team has never done well in pvp.

Right now brew is not staggering bleeds, it will cut your hp down just a fast as if you where a dps. Brew can not withstand magic damage either. We are seeing in m+ you pull a few caster adds and brew drops just as fast a dps.

Blizzard did say they are looking into it as the HP buff that went out has not made brew tanky like hoped.

As for pvp in DF you wont see brew doing high level anything. Sure you can get in and mighty ox kick people off cliffs but you are get melted in rbg’s since most people take magic using ranged dps, which brew can’t stagger. And you have reduced stagger in arena, you will actually die before you get to a red stagger in pvp.

But this is all based on the current build and we saw just last week bear druids went from unplayable to being the top tank right now.

I been trying to level a monk in the 50s and the brewmaster takes as much damage as playing WW in open world quests.

Im constantly slamming brews left and right instead of fighting agaisnt non elite npcs in groups of just 2 or 3.

It feels bad compared to previous BMs.
Previous expansions taking on 2 or 3 normal npcs wasnt a problem you could use 2 or 3 drinks and fight, nows its just chug chug chug chug chug run away cause your hps are dropping like a rock agasint same level, non elite npcs.


I’ve been using Brewmaster for just casual random bg pvp and solo shuffle and it’s ALOT of fun with fire breath, keg smash, and the incendiary breath pvp talent, but yea we are very squishy lol. Brewmaster needs a HP buff and a defensive buff:

  1. We’re squishier than DH or Warrior tanks, but they have way more HP. We absolutely need a HP buff.
  2. Maybe give us some type of defensive buff, or change stagger to be just as effective to magic, or reduce cooldown on Fortifying brew like crazy - or 2 charges? I think that would really help.

something along this line would go a long ways… magic damage is what beats the crap out of us without having some constant mitigation.