Is Blizzard serious right now?

Class changes for next week and shamans don’t even exist to them? LMFAO! edited to include shamans in general


shamans in general.


Well damn.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more frustrated with the state of a class before.


It’s still better than enhance BFA post season 1.

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True that my bad.

I think you just don’t know how to play your class properly. Just get gud. Shaman is good in pvp in general it is just you not class! It’s gonna get better guys. It’s gonna get better :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Enh in bfa was fun. I didnt start playing it until after season 1. I was able to play multiple builds in pvp as well as be an actual force in bgs. Enh had some of the best on demand burst in the game in bfa which was a trade off for its lack of defenses. Now where every spec has high burst on demand, we are nothing special.

Also season 1 enh was completely busted. Ride the lighting stacked with forked lightning along with static cling and the mana regen was incredibly overtuned

Talking about paladins, not shaman :upside_down_face:

I’m torn on the viability of shamans. Some say we’re great, some say we’re dogdoodoo. Honestly, what concerns me most is they only make secondary posts about druids. They explain their thoughts, hopes and dreams about the druid class and, so far from what i’ve seen, no other class has that treatment. It’s feels like druids are the favorite class, while we (and maybe others) have to do the bend and snap technique to even be noticed.


This is very true

From the perspective of an Ele pvp player, I’m fairly content with the patch. A lot of our natural predators in pvp got hit hard, while we kept our machine-gun meatballs (even as they went after Spriest for having too many instant casts). Ele is also holding up surprisingly well in RSS - despite the prevalence of DKs, DHs, and so on - so I’ll call it a win that we didn’t lose anything.

I would be more disappointed as restoration or enhancement.

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Agreed, the nerfs to our top predators bring us in line. The DH nerfs make them a much more manageable target. I’m very happy we’re staying under the radar while other classes are getting the hammer.

There’s a small but growing chorus on the pvp forums, particularly complaining about how few hardcasts we have (ironic, since any hardcasts we do try get kicked immediately) and “planets aligned” lava burst super-procs doing asinine damage in the space of 1-2 GCDs.

I honestly thought there was a nonzero chance we’d see a kneejerk response to that in the patch notes. I count us lucky we haven’t so far. Ele has major weaknesses and is a clear step down from Shadow and Demo as far as casters go, but their damage is strong and its hard to blame people for feeling bad when they get the 1% quintuple lava burst in the face.

Agree, sometimes I think they keep our non existent defensives in favor of solid dps. I’ve learned to deal with and minimize the lack of defensives. I love the pure pressure we can put out. It’s satisfying imo

I adopted the three totem plan and switched to ghost wolf pvp talent. +13% speed makes me almost as fast as ground mount with enough healing/dmg reduction to stay alive.

The thing about lack of hard casts is we spec into it. I also purposefully chose the Lightning shield talent to generate maelstrom while stunned. I can come out of a stun and have enough for 2 earth shocks and freeze opponents after each one. Gives me the distance I need to GW to a pillar.