Is Blizz ever going to acknowledge the problems with Windwalker?

Sometimes it feels like I’m going crazy when I see the massive patch notes for a patch like 10.2. Several classes getting major reworks, even more getting smaller but meaningful changes addressing the problems players have brought forward. And then there is Windwalker… patch after patch… no changes… no acknowledgement of our problems… not even a “we hear you and we’re looking at it”.

I know Monk is the least played class in the game, but it feels no one at Blizz even plays WW or cares. We have so many balance and game play problems that have gone undressed for far too long. Problems that if they happened to any other class, would be fixed post haste.

Just to name a few

  • Our resource economy is way off, to the point where we barely pay attention to energy or chi
  • As a result Serenity feels like a horrible major cooldown, because giving us infinite Chi for a short period doesn’t actually change our gameplay like you would think it should.
  • WW has terrible stat scaling which leaves us getting weaker and weaker the deeper we get into an expansion. Haste doesn’t speed up our GCDs, we have no crit synergy, Mastery is boring and weak and you lose it all if you make one mistake. This has been a problem for YEARS!
  • They can’t seem to balance our ST and AoE at all. While our AoE oftren pumps, we pay for it by having often the worst ST damage in the game which makes us suck in raid.
  • Our overall damage is tuned around Touch of Death, which is meaningless damage in 99% of cases (If we get mobs that low, they are going to die anyway). I wish they would just remove or redesign this ability to be a normal execute. Or go back to the old design where it was a normal CD, that stored up damage
  • We have a ton of dead talents (Rushing Jade Wind, Whirling Dragon Punch, inner peace, Harden Souls, Tough of the Tiger, etc)
  • Our talent boils down to: Do you want Feline or Bone Dust Brew. And that’s the only meaningful choice. The entire tree could just be one choice node, and it wouldn’t change anything
  • We’re looking at our 3rd anti-fun tier set in a row. Its clear that whoever is making these sets, doesn’t get monk.

A side tangent on the 10.2 tier set because it is sooooooo bad for multiple reasons:

  • It has anti synergy with Dance of Chi-Ji, which already gives us free SCK procs. Having 2 different procs on the same ability is horrible. They cannibalize each other, confuse the rotation, and are very difficult to track independently (impossible without a weakaura)
  • Reducing the CD on FoF and RSK is not actually attractive to us because our rotation is already crowded and it just means short CD abilities end up sitting off CD unpressed for longer, which feels aggravating
  • Yet another set that procs off melee autos, even through monk doesn’t auto like other classes do. Our SCK and FoF turn off our auto attacks, so there are periods where you just don’t auto and won’t be able to proc your tier set.

Please Blizz. Can we at least get some acknowledgement of these problems? Even if you can’t fix them now, just let me know that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE is aware and will be looking at WW in the future.

I really don’t want to give up on Monk, but it feels like you already have


Obvious they have somebody working on monk as like a side project because they dont want to hire somebody for it
same as dk, dk is so bad lol

Really great feedback basically very concise yet summarizes basically every problem with WW

Eh… I’d say we’re on the border of not having to pay attention to resources. You can still gas out fast if you commit too much to getting BoKs in for CDR.

And here I thought Serenity only felt like a terrible CD because it got nerfed to pieces. They even got rid of the fun bug where you could snapshot CDs.


But this ain’t. Hell, the only reason we don’t have a crit cap is because XBG got nerfed.

Kinda. What you’re talking about was Hit Combo back when it mattered a lot back when it was max 8 stacks and like 3% a stack. Our mastery is honestly pretty hard to mess up. You’d have to actively go out of your way to double up on the stuff that matters. Funniest thing is, WW kinda stopped grabbing mastery (outside of PvP) for crit vers.

This should have never been a question. With how WW is built, choosing do more AoE or ST shouldn’t have even been brought up. It should have always been “WW will shred AoE and maybe ST and you just have to choose which play style you want to do it in.”

True. ToD shouldn’t be what props up our AoE. It should be the message to the other classes that they’re definitely not competitive with us in AoE. Also Gale Burst (build up damage) got baked into Xuen via Empowered Tiger Lightning.

This is half true. RJW and WDP (outside of PvP), are dead talents because they’ve been neglected or nerfed. If MotC buffed RJW (like it should have when we got revamped in Legion), we’d basically never not pick it up. Inner Peace, Hardened Soles, and Touch of Tiger are dead talents because they actually suck. The only reason we take some of those is to cheese an extra ToD for pure ST.

And both of them suck on several different levels.

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I just find it funny they got rid of Rune of Power for mages yet a melee class that’s billed to be very mobile still gets forced into a similar trash talent like faeline stomp forcing you to stay in a small area.


hopefully this post gets attention because between the op and Yangxiaolóng summarize all the problems and how WW feels when playing it, i hate the fact that i really like WW, because right now feels like evryone is getting new tools to play around but WWs, and sadly there’s only one option to swap to another class, bcause seems like blizz is just ignoring any advice the community is giving