Is Balance getting fixed soon Blizz?

Longtime player since 2005 and I’ve never seen a class/spec broken for so long. I’m done until it’s fixed.


Boomies really out here crying because they aren’t the best for one patch geez.


No one expects to be the best. All classes expect to not be 20% behind all other classes though.


Welcome to Feral days at start of expansion :3

Wow so again, 1 bad tier and suddenly the spec is unplayable?

Like what type of xd moment is this?

Is your OP referring to any specific content? If you’re referring to keys, I agree with you. Not only is it just Balance, it’s Feral too. Unfortunately, both druid specs got the short end of the stick this time around.

As of right now, for certain content like keys, YES, the spec is borderline unplayable if you’re doing anything higher then maybe a 20. Sure, there are people who like to do lower key levels, and the spec is just fine for that; any class and spec is fine for those key levels. When it interferes with players who like to do higher end content, it’s an issue. When you specifically get declined to a key because of your class and spec alone, it’s very irritating, especially if it’s your main character.

Just to put it into perspective for you, there are 4 druid dps players (both specs included) qualifying for the m+ title right now. On the contrary, there are 585 warlocks qualifying. The reason why people are making such a big stink about druid dps is because both specs are barely viable in that level of content.

That’s very rich of you to say when you’re a meta class.

Ironic give the current state of resto and especially guardian.

That’s interesting because I don’t play my monk.

Haven’t in 3 months.

In fact I only play my boomy.

And what’s crazier? In mythic prog trialing, I had 0 issue competing with the meta specs in DPS. There was no supernova level of damage difference. I was top 3 100% of the time, and the only people beating me barely outshined me. And they got PI, I never even got an external buff, nor do I play haste/mast, I play haste/vers because I’m a PVPer so I’m LOSING damage.

The spec is not in a supernova cassanova detremental state just because other things are better. You all need Jesus.

You… Do realize… None of the druid specs are currently… Meta… right? Lol

Well feral would say different.


But you do you bro lol

Meta Referring to Good in all forms of content. Not just raid lmao.

Even in M+ they aren’t that bad. They aren’t a SV hunter or anything, but I definently wouldn’t say they’re anything worse than top 8 specs, especially considering how disgustingly overtuned SV & Destro are rn.

And to quote this. You don’t do mythic. So i’m not surprised you’re “Topping” dps meters against AoTC players LULW

When you don’t even understand what meta is referring to you probably shouldn’t talk down to other players. Druids can complete high keys just like any other class. If you refuse to tank or heal to do so then it’s a you problem, not the class problem.

These comments are the reason nothing is being done to any of the druid specs. People think its ok that the druid specs are severely underperforming, and the solution to it is to just “play the tank or healer spec. it’s your problem” it’s honestly disgusting.


I literally. Bear. You actual fool. I play Boomy, Feral and Bear. All 3. I do quite understand exactly what meta means. Bear is Not meta. Resto druid is not meta. and Neither dps specs are Meta. Look at the top of the leaderboard for M+ and raid. You absolute bloody fool. I think Resto is decent in raid, But it’s definitely Not Meta. Rshaman is Meta in Raids. You do absolutely no content by the looks of it and that means. your opinion. On any of this. Is Worthless and ignorant.

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These people like to find anything to prove their point. That’s why they linked the raid rankings and said nothing about m+. I guess if something is middle of the pack in raid content, it means that its just fine in everything else, right? Kappa.

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Mythic prog trialing huh?

I’m euro and do higher content than you. Watching you play the profile card was cute though. By the way, guardian is only behind Blood and Pally in mythic plus, hardly struggling. But you keep whining.

The answer to the dps specs struggling isnt play tank/heals or reroll. That’s an absurd response. It’s unfun to get your dps absolutely crapped on by people of similar or lower ilvl. It’s possible to acknowledge they are ok in raid and garbage in m+. Two things can be true at once and due to the nature of the game and raiding not being the only end game content anymore having concerns that your spec isn’t up to par is valid.