Is AV bugged?

The final bosses have no buffs? no need to take towers or kill NPCs?


I haven’t played yet but really? I thought the bosses were impossible without capping the towers.

Just ran one and alli won having capped nothing except a gy

That is definitely the case. It’s ridiculous that the towers and other bosses don’t matter because they don’t buff the final boss. So we wanted old school AV, instead was told we’d have 1.12… but instead we’re given… whatever this “mangled” mess is?
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Hey, Blizzard got their “clarity”. I fear it is working as they intended. They certainly ignored everyone who repeatedly told them it was what they didn’t want.

Well, they sure aren’t hard now.


Kill the warmasters.

A couple of dirt poor people living in Eastern Europe could do a better job than this…oh wait they already did several times.

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