Is Augury a good trinket for Feral?

Wowhead is still undecided on how good it is.

Sim it. Wowhead is for base information.

it’s not super awesome i think, you want a high ilvl witherbark’s branch for your on-use and either porcelain crab, accelerating sandglass for the equip trinket. i really like my current branch+crab combo personally. all of that mastery is just so much damage boost to your burst window, which ties in well with the new 2pc/4pc.

Hope they buff Augury. A very rare trinket that drops from the final boss should be bis

Counterpoint: I like BIS being more attainable than a super rare trinket. Just IMO.

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Sure but then what’s the point of it being super rare?

No idea. I think really low drop rates are cancerous design and should be removed from the game.

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