Is attacking Horde in Stormwind City frowned upon?

(Chonga) #22

A lot of people don’t attack Ephie because she is a darling, but if they do she doesn’t hold any grudges or anything. She is just an unofficial resident of Stormwind trying to find a steady job and yes ok she eats people sometimes but she has a very healthy work ethic!

(Floren) #23

Oh, she’s adorable and I love her. She complimented my mount once when I was on an alt. Gave me the warm fuzzies. Then she killed a guard and ate him.

(Zatiya) #24

No, I goof around in Stormwind all the time and fully expect to be killed if/when caught.

(Nakhu) #25

NEVER kill Ephie. If you do, I will be most put out…

(Karmas) #26


Don’t tell me what I can’t do little chatbox.

(Gentarn) #27

Yeah, no, as most people have said, Red = Dead, even if they are good peeps like Ephie.

All hail our Lady of the Squids.

And just a reminder, if you’re having an event and Ephie accidentally wanders in, just get a friend to pop over and ask her to move on, Ephie and the Gang are very quick to move out of the way if there’s an event going on if you’re polite about it.


(Liotuse) #28

red is dead redemption 2

(Kädu) #29

I cant speak for Alliance, but Horde? Absolutely not. I’ve been in guilds who will quite literally put an RP event on hold and rush to fight the alliance the second “X is under attack” pops up on the screen. No questions asked- we just mounted up and dipped

On the whole, don’t let anyone tell you what you can do with your sub.


“Excuse me Mr. Horde, could you politely remove your Undead self from the premises of Stormwind City? Thank you, kindly. We are roleplaying at the moment.”


(Kurukwa) #31

This is weird that people are complaining about Ephie suddenly when she’s been doing the same thing for years and is a server treasure. Some cowards on “WRA secrets” tumblr blog was complaining about her earlier.

Honestly it’s been years since I’ve heard anything negative spoken about her since it became common knowledge how nice of a person she is, and what her deal is being in Stormwind.

(Ellivara) #32

Nobody -here- is particularly complaining about Ephie. tbh, some of the people over on the ‘wra secrets’ blog are a bunch of freaks with nothing better to do and should be entirely disregarded. Seriously, some of those people are just… a mess.

(Kurukwa) #33

Yeah, didn’t mean this thread specifcially. I won’t lie, I also got thru like maybe 7 posts before commenting haha. It just striked me as odd that beyond the several posts on that toxic blog, there was a thread posted here as well about the same thing.

(Ellivara) #34

We really aren’t even sure what was going on, just that some anti-pvp people were yelling at the poster for attacking someone or something and honestly the whole thing is just a mess lol

It may’ve not even been Ephie, just some rando who happened to be in the city doing something like fishing or what-have-you.

I get the feeling that some people were just upset because they didn’t want to have a pvp mess going on around them during their RP?

(Zhiifang) #35

I EAT Horde in SW!.. except Ephie…
And yes I have been yelled at, don’t care. I really only attack Horde that are attacking though, if they ate RPing they are ok

(Bashrac) #36

Alliance doesn’t belong in org and horde doesn’t belong in SW. So if someone is found in a place where they do not belong, it goes without saying what will happen, regardless of what you are doing.

(Kirsy) #37

I like Ephie. But I’ve killed Ephie. And Ephie has been part of Horde groups who’ve killed me. Ephie’s part of the PvP community. Kill her or don’t. It’s not going to upset her.

For the record, I’ve also killed Jodinson, the Alliance rogue who used to come to SMC and hang out in the taverns. He was also a PvPer and an ok guy.

If anyone is blacklisting you from RP for PvPing someone who kills guards, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I highly doubt they’ll remember who you are by tomorrow.

(Chonga) #38

One time while playing with Ephie in Stormwind both of us managed to somehow get stuck inside the wall in the Blue Recluse after getting feared. We were in there for some time as no one could line of sight us and we couldn’t do anything either. Cue everyone just standing around looking confused at us.


I don’t remember how we finally got out.

(Sef) #39

How… vocabulacious of you… uh… :smiley:

(Kirsy) #40

I see “tankies” and I just want to say “you’re welcomies.”

This bad pun has been brought to you by “I have to work this morning and then go buy a Christmas present for my boss.”