Is attacking Horde in Stormwind City frowned upon?

(Xaroes) #1

Hi there,

I just wanted to raise the above question as I’m a bit new here alliance-side… A few days ago, my friend warned me against attacking a Hordie killing guards and spamming all caps in Stormwind City the other day while I was flagged for War Mode, saying that you will be yelled at by others for doing so.

Shortly after, a ret paladin landed and began attacking, with a few others joining in and made quick work of the hordie. Surely enough, there was a bit of commotion in the form of OOC brackets directed to the attackers from many others calling them “toxic” saying that they are “PvPbros” mixed with a nice array of bad words. One of them even claimed to be permanently blacklisting said players from RP.

Is there truly a “hidden” server rule for engaging Horde players attacking Stormwind City or was this just a one-off thing? I love spontaneous PvP but I must admit I am a bit worried at the backlash i will receive over it.

Cheers and thank you for reading.

(Azhaar) #2

I’ve never heard of such a thing. I am a definite non-PvPer but I’m absolutely baffled at the idea that people shouldn’t engage someone invading the city in PvP. Sounds to me like whoever was yelling about this is more of a toxic element than the city defenders.

(Baenura) #3

I’m assuming he was talking about someone fighting Ephie, since people would defend her if she was attacked.

(Azhaar) #4

Oh. That. Yeah, maybe.

(Kureya) #5

Context can be dependant but, at large, no one with any real awareness would heckle you for retaliating against an honest invasive pvp encounter. Some people may, either out of raw spite or perhaps ignorance, but realistically their opinions and interactions will likely be irrelevant to you regardless.

Now, if there was some pretense of cross faction RP, or if someone was being needlessly hostile to others, then the water becomes a bit muddy. At the end of the day though, the consensus is effectively; Red = Dead.

There’s absolutely no hard and fast rule, nor comprehensive “blacklist” that would affect you in either case.


Honestly I suspect as much, but I didn’t want to put the effort into a bigger post than “if you’re not an as hole then it’s a non issue”.

(Baenura) #6

Right, so IF it was Ephie, Ephie knows the risks and stuff. She has no control over other people getting pissy if you fight/kill her because she’s just a server personality.

(Xaroes) #7

I don’t think it was Cross Faction RP… The hordie was just jumping around on top of other RPers spamming caps lock /yell and killing the occasional guard. To be fair they didnt attack any players though.

(Opherial) #8

Were they naked and wearing a pumpkin helmet?

(Baenura) #9

If they were just being silly and defending themselves from guards, it was probably Ephie. If not, I dunno.

(Enekie) #10

Ephie doesn’t mind being attacked. No Horde member in Stormwind comes not expecting a fight.

Ignore the tankies and fight back.

(Sharp) #11

No, there are no rules against attacking Hordies in Stormwind. Same goes with Alliance in Org. RP’ers don’t get to dictate the rules of your gameplay or character.

(Borgg) #12

Ephie is a treasure and one of the nicest people on the server. She doesn’t go out of her way to kill guards but if they aggro, she defends herself. As far as “spamming”- she doesn’t go around trying to disrupt people. She has found a way to communicate cross faction with Allies though by typing a certain way and if you see her talking it is generally because she is literally talking to people.

I guess in conclusion, if you want to kill Horde in Stormwind you have the right. But she isn’t there to mess with people any more than someone fishing is. It is just another form of eccentric RP where her character is a confused Forsaken holding on to her old life in the human capitol.

Also, for the record, I feel pretty confident in saying killing her in a group is about the only way most Allies will ever be able to, because she is a PVP beast when she wants to be.

All of this is based on the assumption that it was Ephie at all. I don’t see her as the type to intentionally be disruptive to people RPing, so if that is the case then it was someone else.

(Enekie) #13

Oh, for real. If Ephie doesn’t want to die, it takes about ten people to pull it off.

(Sharp) #14

Jaws theme plays

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(Grimmox) #16

I’m not sure what you mean. If an opposing faction member shows up in your city then they should fully expect to be retaliated back upon. There’s obviously risks when going into a city. If people are heckling you for it just ignore them. It doesn’t really seem fair to you that you’re getting verbally chastised for doing pvp when it would naturally occur.

(Topsail) #17

Well, I guess it depends. There are certain people on both factions that you have to get permission to kill, and that may come at a steep price.

(Versca) #18

Yep, if someone is gonna blacklist me for PVP happening then that’s fine by me because they’re likely a toxic person I want to avoid.

The only time I’d advised not to engage in PVP was with that specific Alliance troll group that would attack SMC to disrupt RP. They’d pretend it’s all about PVP but they intentionally invaded RP spaces to drop toys and spam text. Knowing the intent behind their attacks on the city quickly takes any fun outta engaging them.

(Enekie) #20

Pardon. That’s the pretentiousness in me speaking.

“Tankies” were a subset of political commentators in the 60’s and 70’s who were frequently apologists and supporters of dictatorial and authoritarian regimes. It feels somehow fitting.

(Floren) #21

If it was an undead priest shouting in caps locked, spaced out letters L I K E T H I S, then it was Ephie. I’m not good at correctly assuming tone for conversations I’m a part of let alone one I’m hearing second hand, but if it was Ephie, she knows people sometimes attack her and she keeps coming back to tell all of Stormwind she loves us, so…:man_shrugging:t5:

I don’t know of any rules against killing horde players, not even Ephie. Last I checked WrA was at the very least incredibly committed to maintaining a reputation of the opposite atmosphere where server lore and “untouchable” player characters do not exist.