Is anyone super invested in more diversity and inclusion in WoW?

I just want a good game - intuitive but complex mechanics and a well thought out story. Who relays that story is irrelevant, provided they too are a character the narrative has made me invested in. Checking boxes for the sake of checking boxes isn’t going to fix World of WarCraft, Blizzard. You understand that, right?


No I really don’t care about all that bull, just make the game good again.


Is anyone super invested in more diversity and inclusion in WoW?

No. i want good gameplay and good storytelling.


I think it’s valid to a certain extent and can be a net positive on the player experience as a whole

The problem is when it’s so obviously shoehorned in to the point of obvious tokenism


I want diversity and inclusion.we could use more lgbt stories and characters In the game. I love seeing character realtionships and WoW could use more in game to help flesh out lore.


If it is a by product of good story telling then sure. For the sake of having X of each special interest group then no.


they are guna make anduin gay and I would think that would be funny or good

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I don’t care who likes who. I just want a reason to pick up my staff and feel like an adventurer again.

Bring WoW back to the basics. Let us uncover the threats. Stop the Doctor Claw villain exposure.


I’m probably the worst person to ask, quests are just yellow dots on a map to me and i have hit Esc on every single cutscene and cinematic they have ever released. All of this nonsense has come (and will go) without me being aware of any of it lol


Screw the WoW basics, I just wana smash my face off the keyboard and feel good for doing it thats all.


I’m a schizophrenic and part of that disease is spent alone, apart from society. When EA released the Sims4 expansion Strangerville I felt like they took a stab at us, schizophrenics. Not gonna lie, it helps. It’s like ointment for my heart to feel included in society in some way, even if it’s just for a laugh. I hope other people can feel the same way when they see themselves represented.


I like you Quazopine I hope you have a great night!


Not really, only thing I’m interested in is a good entertaining story.


We currently have more of those than we do straight ones.


Im not invested in more diversity im invested in rust in game chat and playable characters.


I mean, I think inclusivity and diversity are pretty neat. I think it can be done in ways that aren’t hamfisted and disruptive.


I am personally indifferent, it really has no affect on me either way, I do feel like alot of companies that announce their intent on being more “diverse and inclusive” does so only as lip service, I mean the track records really speak for themselves.

That being said, I do have a somewhat wholesome story to share that changed my indifferent opinion on gay marriage.

A few years ago Australia legalized gay marriage, when it was time to vote, I didn’t really care, but voted yes anyway, a year later I was in the self service check out at the supermarket, I saw a frail old man that looked like he needed some help, I went up to him and offered to get some heavy things out of the trolley for him.

He thank me, but told me that he was waiting for his HUSBAND, now that surprised me, he was a really old man, I can’t even imagine the kind of stigma that he would have experienced as a young man back in the day for being gay, I don’t think he needed to get married, but once it was legalised he did it anyway, it actually made me feel kind of good for voting yes, since this man was able to fully live his life before old age took him.


quite the wholesome story. gay marriage is fine. not like people are holy at all anyway.


This diversity is nothing but diversion. You people are being played like puppets. Where is the money? Ask United States Senate.


Yes and no. There is a demand to give characters more depth but at the same time the community corrupts everything and destroy good ideas through people’s twisted minds.