IS Alliance Dead ?!

I’ve suggested things to help with his but no Blizzard doesn’t care and it’s not just the stuff from me they don’t care about, because what does that matter, but the stuff from anyone. People have suggested horde to ally transfers, racial removals, and a bunch of other stuff. They did HvH BGs.

They haven’t done a thing to help with servers or faction balance and I’ve never seen you care about any of this either, like at all. Every server but Mankrik could die off and you may not even notice.

HvH does the opposite of help. Something that most people ignore is this: I saw a few dozen people who I played with on my server (meaning this happened at different times and elsewhere in greater numbers) reroll to ally from horde for faster queues in Classic, so since I saw it work there I knew this could have happened here. There is no way this will happen now.

I don’t talk about this much but if I was in it just for myself I would have supported HvH. I have horde guildies who enjoy it and on top of that, I have an arena partner and it could have helped him because he wasn’t able to deal with the queues (Note: We did nothing with this team due to his serious RL issues but that’s beside the point, just a comment). HvH if I looked from the I don’t care about the game perspective would have been great as a horde player.

We’ll never have the same viewpoint on HvH and that’s totally ok but even with other stuff from you and several other posters, it all seems to revolve around what is best for their gameplay without really looking at the bigger picture.

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You mistake me saying something you don’t want to hear, as me not caring. I love WoW and I want the game to be healthy and thrive, but I also live in reality.

I have said on this forum that they should remove racials, I have also explained why balancing factions and servers is harder than you think.

People also just say well "lock servers at 50/50 or 45/55 ect. Ok how? What happens if like 500 alliance players quit due to just being done playing, do you force 500 people to make alliance characters there, do you kick 500 horde off?

Don’t mistake me living in reality as not caring.

Did anyone suggest same faction bgs when the complaints about horde queues started? I think that speaks volumes about how much weight Blizzard gives player feedback. Players suggested H>A transfers, balancing or removing racials, xp/honor bonus for alliance, merc mode, and they ignored all of that to implement something nobody suggested.

Faction imbalance should have been addressed. If the player base swapped from 55/45 A/H to 45/55 in a matter of weeks, it’s highly unlikely that all horde players were so established that there was no hope of fixing the imbalance. Blizzard just didn’t try.

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Plenty of Horde posters that denied there was any problem other than their queues demanded a similar system. But only the most unreasonable.

Now, however, Pandora’s Box is opened and more are demanding it get implemented permanently.

Sorry to break it to you but…

“We currently intend for this system to be in place for the rest of Burning Crusade Classic.”

Oh, once they started the second test, it was all but guaranteed to happen. Blizzard is a terrible company and has been for years, and they’re doing everything they can to win favour - and it’s laughable.

If I were still a Horde player, I’d be happy, as they’d be demonstrably catering to me. But I’m not and haven’t in over ten years. Pity.


Horde is the most babied bumpers up faction.

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I’m allergic to mud huts.


I must have missed those suggestions. I saw merc mode suggested. Even saw a few outliers suggest removing factions altogether, but I missed same faction bgs being requested.

It really doesn’t matter at this point. Blizzard made their decision. I guess we’ll see what happens to faction balance now, but it’s not going to get better.


And Whitemane alliance will come to Benediction. Give it a few weeks they’ll both be massive single faction pve servers. I transfered to Benediction because it was balanced the first week of BC when I left Kromcrush. My 90 day window is almost up, but there are no more balanced servers left, only 2 US pvp servers within 60/40. So I’ll stay, knowing full well it won’t be a pvp server in about 2-3 weeks.

and a completely unbiased for sure


Yes, alliance is dead and buried. Recruiting dps, of all things, is literally impossible. Population is crashing. It’s just over.

Oh look it’s the same 4 whiney alliance that are in every other hvh post crying. Nobody cares what you 4 want, good change is good, get over it.

Yes I died… but then I was resurrected in a graveyard so it’s cool. For the Alliance!!

Yeah I would say it’s a pretty unbiase opinion, and an overall quality change for the game.
If they could magically balance factions, or get alliance to enjoy pvp that would be ideal.

But this is the best option they really had available, and a quality change, that I would like even if I mained alliance.

Folks will still play horde though. Horde are just more interesting.

dead human
green human
crooked human
cow human
human with pointy ears

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Except that’s not players because Blizzard doesn’t report subscriptions. Reporting the number of characters as players is fake news. How many of those are alts, or even max level?

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Whitemane still has an alliance scene, groups going, arena teams ect. The scruby horde who rerolled here might have tipped it 60/40 but it’s not like those numbers changed because we lost any alliance population.

I give back to ya how can you tell alliance is dead if Blizzard doesn’t report subscriptions?