IS Alliance Dead ?!

Because they all end up as horde servers lol.

So they came out with warmode.

Alliance is dead on retail, this book has been written before, it’s just happening much faster this time.


Blizzard has never actually tried balancing the racials. Allied races in BFA were actually really interesting in terms of racials but the alliance ones which were disgustingly good got kneecapped. Mechagnomes and dark irondwarves were going to be OP as hell and vulpera and maghar were hot garbage out of the gates.

And yet nothing happened.

And Majority of them still alliance, except maybe one or two guilds who rerolled.

People just don’t wanna play with gnomes bro. Undead is more cool.

Yeah, entire classic having advantage was ok. Now it is a problem.

Plus… crying over horde racials? really? Still?

“I’m horde for racials” - said no one.

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And now that the Horde whined and got HvH BGs, it just means the Alliance death has been accelerated. It is a shame the Horde players cannot see past the ends of their own noses and realize they just enthusiastically supported something that moves Classic a giant step closer to retail.

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Cuz most of y’all are in denial.

We all min/Max in this game but apparently not on the forums.

Literally nothing but calculations done now and in retail about everything that’s a dps increase or loss.

Sims being run constantly about what the new OP is.

Yet on these forums horde are horde cuz they like burly men.


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Explain in detail how you would balance the servers and the factions. I’ll explain why it won’t work.

The only viable solution is if you’ve got a time machine, and delete racials from the game before people started migrating and settling into factions.

You could disable racials today, and open feee xfers. It wouldn’t help much, people are settled down with guilds and friends.

It’s too far gone

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Ya people on these forums are so damn delusional. The gaming community as a whole for many years now has completely drained the fun out of everything by efficiency. To say that isn’t the case is being dishonest or just blind.


I can’t explain it because the damage is done.

Imagine of they balanced racials before the game launched and released the racials before the game launched showing what they did.

I’m willing to put my 401k if math showed alliance were better in pvp and pve y’all would be alliance right now.

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Racials need to be removed from the game, it’s too late to solve literally anything. But better late than never

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You’re probably right that it’s too far gone at this point. WoD Blizzard tried to make Alliance racials the clear winners and as far as i’m aware there was no impact whatsoever - though legion really didn’t help with the complete destruction of the competitive community on alliance and them shifting to horde. Best thing to do is to remove racials before the populations shift too hard.

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I thnk this may be one of the few times you and I see eye to eye. I 100% agree with you on this point. Remove all racials from the game, it solves so many issues.

Anyone who claims racials have no bearing on the game or PvP results should have no issues with this. After all, if racials are really not a factor, then removing them should not be an issue.

Racials perhaps shouldn’t be completely removed without some sort of RPG element added in response. Racials don’t have to provide a mathematical edge in pvp or pve to be interesting. Vulpera give bag space and a hearthstone in any location of your choosing. Stuff of that nature would be perhaps a good replacement as the community itself cannot be trusted to not remove the fun out of the game.

INB4 REeeeEeeEEEEeetail anger noises from some random person. OSRS thrives as a remake because they take smart elements out of RS3. Classic can survive with similar decisions.


I agree, racials should not have a direct impact to balance, like they do now. Adding things like, +5 points to a profession or extra bag space is fine.
But when one class can get an extra resistance to crowd control or improved DPS, that is just creating inbalance to the game.

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Even when all of this got gutted the small silence of Blood elves arcane torrent was enough to overhaul the competitive scene in retail permanently. The gaming community will just go for the edge in any fashion they can.

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Yes, which is why racials should not have direct combat implications. Racials should impact professions or bag space or appearance.


I mean hell, Goblins vendor discount was one of the most exciting racials added to the game. My heart would hurt to lose warstomp and other memorable racials, but there are just as exciting racials that can be added if Blizzard had someone at the helm with a vision.

Do you play a fantasy mmo to play a human, short human, short fat human or tall purple human?

Admittedly this sentence is why I hate ffxiv. Play 8 brands of human? No thank you.

I mean the games fun, but what awful race choices.

Weird comment from a dead human.

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Says the human. -Coming from a cow man.