IS Alliance Dead ?!

Please, lets not use disingenuous terms.

It is not HxH bg.
It is same faction bg vs.

Can happen (and sometimes happens) alliance vs alliance.

Also, it is a fallacy that alliance population is decreasing.

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So hows retail doing for competitive alliance atm?

Yes but that wasn’t the point I was making. I’m saying in current events Horde vs Horde is not the solution. Obviously Alliance vs Alliance is happening - i’m obviously not disputing that or unaware of its existance. My point is that presently the issues we have is people have meta rerolled due to knowing what the mathematical BiS racials are. We have no balance going on so there’s no reason people should worry about flocking to a singular faction.


Incredibly rare outside of very specific circumstances.

No, it’s a fact. The competitive community is drying up - in retail it’s completely dried up - and even casual players, who don’t last long outside of new content, aren’t making up the numbers anymore.

Make one good argument? Nah you’ll just quote me and edit it because you don’t know how to make a good point, you literally just play on the forums on your random goblin alt not to associate any opinions with your actual characters lol.


Wrong forums bro.

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Like Classic is not a direct reflection of retail. We all know that like 90% of the players in Classic are retail refugees. Don’t kid yourself, we all know Classic is just another version of retail at this point.

Anyone that was an original Classic supporter, someone that wanted Classic for years, left the moment it got overrun by the retail lemmings. Classic is just retail 2.0 at this point, anyting that was the original dream and goal of Classic was lost months ago.

57,000 difference on pvp servers tho.

Gonna be a few mega alliance servers, rest will belong to horde.

as you may not get the point i’m making and I always have to mention this, we have a good track record of what players are going to do in terms of factions. Allowing the competitive side to be strictly one faction is not healthy for the game.


This is only a boon to the game overall if you count player behaviour, in the case of PvP servers, where Horde players were intentionally griefing Alliance players to, “punish” them.

It help them too actually, the reason they were toxic open world is because it was the only place to farm honor. With Bgs being viable again, it won’t end completely cause people are jerks, but it will reduce substantially

Who cares about competitive community. Who cares about who drives the meta toxicity.

Retail is another thread, not here.

The player base grew up since Classic (ironforge pro archive can show you easily the overall population grew).

If anything, Alliance population grew, but less than horde. I’m ok with this, alliance had the majority of player base in classic and no one complained about it (and yet, even having the majority of players, horde still had longer queues).

Think outside the box.
I’m talking about overall population.

Alliance moved heavily for PvE servers because cba to world pvp.

It is a fact, the alliance population grew since classic ended, just not as much as horde.


This is going to change. WoTLK is the start of Horde racials being king in PVE. People hard rerolled for PvP for TBCC because of a slight edge. Horde racials are significantly better in PVE in WoTLK, Cataclysm, MoP - not saying anything happens after WoTLK but the point is for those who stick to the train it’s just rational to go for BiS.

So instead of addressing the cause of the problem, they instead just implement a change that overwhelmingly benefits one faction? I agree that the people not farming honour in the world helps, but it’s still a problem for Alliance players on these servers as they’re still outnumbered in the world.

Uh, anyone in the competitive community?

It’s a problem that has happened in retail and the same thing happened in Classic - despite the fact people predicted it.

What population boom? We haven’t seen a growth trend in Classic since the spike at launch.

As for the, “majority” - casual players that don’t impact the game world in any way don’t count. Hence why the competitive numbers matter.


Who cares. Alliance was king of PvE in classic, no one was complaining about it. In fact people were even stating horde had majority because racials muhhh but yeah, alliance hold the majority of faction.

People will always complain about horde being superior and want to roll horde.

I guess no one likes the alliance as a faction.

For competition? RWF Kel’thuzad? Algalon? Yogg 0? Anu’barak 50 tries? LK heroic?

Bro. Seriouly. Just stop.

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Ok my man, it’s not that simple to “just balance the factions”

If it was simple it would have been done. The only way to remotely balance factions is go back in time and delete racials before everyone dug in roots.

Causes even if they deleted racials now and opened free xfers people have guilds and friends where they settled down.

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Sure, invalidate any FACT that doesn’t favor your rhetoric.

I mean this is heading into retail, they removed pvp servers.

Horde players constantly whined about Paladins buffs.

In the competitive environment, only the people who cared most about speedrunning (generally private server guilds) went Ally, whereas most of the competitive community went Horde because the racials actually mattered in PvP (and the PvP community has overwhelmingly been Horde for years), and PvE was really easy. And the racial benefit largely ended by TBC.

And again, the casual playerbase is irrelevant.

No? People want to play the faction they like but still be competitive, rather than the faction that has the playerbase because of established benefits.

So again you don’t get the point. We have already seen what is happening with slight edges in racials. My first point which you seem to have ignored is racial balance would be the abject best way to combat this meta flocking that people are doing. If faction transfers are not available and Blizzard is doing effective racial toss ups every phase, then people will stick to whatever faction because there’s no point in zerging one side with the hype train.

If the odds are the alliance will dominate every racial - obvious hyperbole relax - then people won’t want to get trapped on the horde and vise versa. What we have right now is a clear list of what will come and what people will go for.

They didn’t remove pvp servers, players chose to leave them.